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Advent Vega 10″ Android Tablet

The tablet market is really gathering momentum now and it wont be long before we are given perhaps too many choices before we pick the best tablet for our needs! Ive been eagerly awaiting the release of the Advent Vega 10″ tablet. Its an Android device but the thing that really caught my attention was [...]

ViewSonic ViewPad 7 video hands-on — Engadget

Engadget have just posted a quick hands-on post on their site showing us the Viewsonic Viewpad 7 incher which does intrigue me. It looks like a fairly solid and well built device if a little on the chunky side. I like that it has a capacitive screen and I really like that is running Android [...]

What mobile phone do I use?

“Never judge a book by its cover but you can judge a person by the mobile phone they use.” I’m not suggesting that you can guess someones personality by the mobile phone they own but you can get an idea! I got an iPhone a few weeks after they were first released and loved it [...]