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Tablet PC Component Suppliers Increasing Production Ahead of Slate Launches

With Amazon preparing its first tablets and HP and Motorola supposed to launch new products, upstream component suppliers for tablet PCs are ramping up their production. They are preparing for a busy Q3 with shipments expected to surpass 21-22 million units in Q3, compared to the 13.5 – 14.5 million shipped in Q2.

Among the companies that matter the most in tablet production we count Motorola Mobility, RIM, Acer, Asustek Computer, Lenovo and Samsung. Amazon and HP will also start to matter in Q3 and we’re not discussing the iPad and its domination here. Non-iPad makers will deliver about 7 to 7.2 million units to companies, double from the second quarter.

Apple will take delivery of 14-15 million slates from Foxconn in Q3, an increase from the 10.5-11 million in Q2. Amazon is the most impressive brand with demands for touch panels, reaching 2 million in the following 2 months.

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AMD Fusion Tablet Chips Leak: “Hondo” and “Samara” Are the Codenames

AMD is slowly but surely taking off in the tablet segment, that it graced recently with the Desna Z chip, but only a slate model or so. Now, thanks to a leaked roadmap, we know what to expect from this company: next-gen Fusion chips that will hit tablets in 2012 and 2013, according to a Turkish blog.

In 2013 we’ll see an AMD chip called Samara, but aside from next gen graphics and tablet optimization, we have no info on the product. In 2012, we’ll see the AMD Hondo chip, that will come with a TDP of under 4.5W and this low power comes from lowered I/O support, dropped PCIe, dropped VGA out and halved UMI interfaces. Also a single USB port will give you more battery life.

Right now we have the Desna AMD Z-01 chip and some low end Fusion chipsets branded Brazos, ready to capture a part of the market, till Hondo comes. In 2012 we’re expecting a configuration with 1GHz dual core Bobcats and 276MHz Radeon HD 6250 graphics. A cool feature supported is wireless playback of 720p video.

Expect samples to reach manufacturers in December this year and mass production to start in Q2 2012.

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Digital Learning – South Korea’s Textbooks Turned into Slates By 2015

We’re heading to a future where less trees will be cut down to produce paper books and notebooks… That’s proved once again by the South Korean initiative regarding the total digitalization of textbooks by 2015. The authorities want to replace the paper textbooks with e-readers and tablets in 4 years, it seems.

By 2014 all of the elementary level educational materials will be available in digital format and by 2015 everything related to education will reach this stage, being available on smartphones, computers and tablets. $2.4 billion will be spent on this modern gear and the digitizing process. Some schools in South Korea are already using this technology, relying mostly on notebook computers and not so much on tablets.

The iPad is the obvious choice here, although local products such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab will have a certain advantage. Will the pupils be drawn to knowledge if it does not come from a book? That’s the big question!

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Charge your iPad Using Solar Power With the Voltaic Spark Tablet Cases

Solar charging is everywhere now, from cars to houses and now even tablets, that get a special case with that ability. I’m talking about the Voltaic Spark tablet cases, making your iPad greener than ever. The product sells for $299 and it’s pictured below.

This accessory comes with an 8W solar panel on the back, that charges an internal battery. These panels can take on water and they’re rugged enough to take on a trip outdoors. To give you an idea of the performance of this case, know that the iPad’s battery can be fully charged if left in direct sunlight for 10 hours.

Other slate models may even take less time and we have to mention that the internal battery can charge two devices at the same time. The Spark Tablet Case also comes with 5 adapters, increasing its compatibility, plus two USB ports. You can also use this case to hold the tablet in landscape mode for better video viewing, as shown above.

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Android Smartpad Prototype Made by Imerj Features Dual Screen, Gets Previewed

The device you can see below can turn from a handset that looks a bit like the iPhone 4 into a slate with a 6 inch diagonal. This is a dual screen prototype with Android, made by Imerj and Frog Design. The unit got a hands-on experience courtesy of Engadget, that detailed the unit and found it interesting.

We’re dealing with a device with customized Android 2.3 running on it, bezel gestures used for control and great multitasking. Dubbed as a “2 in 1 smartpad”, this model doesn’t have a name yet and its design reminds me of the Kyocera Echo phone quite a bit. Each half of the device is solid and firm, according to Engadget and the hinge in the middle is pretty resilient and doesn’t click.

Once extended, this unit measures 7mm in thickness, that is impressive even for a tablet like the iPad 2. Once folded, this model is still thinner than the Droid Charge and about 50% thicker than the iPhone 4. The displays on this smartpad are 4 inch WVGA AMOLEDs with a combined resolution of 800 x 960 pixels.

You can learn more about this interesting prototype from Engadget, in the source link below.

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Retina Display-Like Screens to Reach Tablets and HDTVs Through Nanosys Technology (Video)

Nanosys has found a way to give us a taste of the Retina Display experience on the bigger screen, by implementing a brand new technology meant for tablets and HDTVs. The company created a method to boost colors without using extra power or extra cost. They simply improved the quality of the backlighting behind the LCD panel.

Nanosys achieved this result thanks to a more balanced spread across the spectrum, that enhances the colors of individual pixels. For this purpose, the company had to create custom phosphides that fluorescence in specific colors. Basically, there’s a Nanosys film that replaces that diffuse in display panels and the white backlight is replaced with a blue one for better results.

The thing is that a display like the one of the iPad only shows 20% of the colors the human eye can see, while a Nanosys QDEF is able to show over 60% . Robert Scoble seems pretty convinced that this technology will make it to the iPad 3, but its maker is also aiming for HDTVs, as well as slates. Here’s a video detailing the technology.

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Indian Tablet Costs $35, Cheapest Tablet In the world Launching This Month

The time has come! India’s $35 tablet will be coming this month, after being a blocked project for 6 months. The Indian government was behind this project, that finally gets the green light, with the product being available in mere weeks.

Codenamed Sakshat, the device made in India is the answer to the $100 laptops created by MIT. Sakshat relies on Linux OS and it’s created by HCL Technologies, in case you’re wondering. Specs-wise, you get a 7 inch touchscreen, an inbuilt keyboard, a videochat camera and multimedia playback.

USB and WiFi take care of connectivity and a surprising 2GB of RAM and 32GB of HDD are also available making this unit bulky. Open Office, SciLab and an Internet browser round up the specs list. The Indian government has 10,000 units deliver in late June and in the next 4 months over 90,000 tablets will be ready.

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Tablet Makers Switch Back to 4-5 Inch Smartphones

ODM/OEM phone makers who recently entered the tablet biz seem to be more keen on 4-5 inch smartphone development recently, seeing that Android tablets are not performing that well, according to inside sources. Apart from Samsung Electronics, a company with a 10% share of the global tablet PC segment, players like Motorola and RIM seem to regret their decision.

Motorola Mobility is probably not happy with the way its XOOM is doing, while RIM reported lower profits than estimated and LG and HTC are only beginning their foray into the tablet segment. Tablet and handset vendors will probably reduce their investments into the development of 7 to 10 inch slates, while going back to smartphones.

They may also be “scared” of the monster that Apple has become in the tablet segment as well, thanks to the iPad 2. We have yet to see a real slate to beat the iPad, but once that is out, there will be a chance for major players to get back into the game.

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InnoTab, First Child-Oriented Tablet PC

We’ve seen features for kids on various tablets, but no device was completely dedicated to the young ones. InnoTab is a device of this kind, ideal for children ready for an UK unveiling in August, followed by one in the United States. This product is made by Vtech and aims at kids aged 4 to 9.

Educational psychologist Kairen Cullen is saying that the tablet slash toy is perfect for little ones, because they will adapt to a world filled with technology and gadgets right from their first years of life. Meanwhile, other specialists are saying that kids will end up with reading problems and maybe even speaking and writing issues.

The problem is in fact the lack of contact with other real people, but the tablet PC will take of the socializing aspect, too. Back to the Innotab, this model will pack a 5 inch touchscreen, an Ebook Reader and a tough case, so it won’t be damaged easily.

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Vizio VIA 8 Inch Tablet Priced at $349 on Walmart

Vizio has an 8 inch tablet coming, the VTAB1008, that was recently priced for Walmart, courtesy of a tipster. Well, it turns out that the retailer will be selling the product for about $349, which is a very reasonable price, even when compared to the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and the Acer Iconia Tab models.

Vizio VTAB1008 comes with a front camera, GPS, VIA Plus (making the slate compatible with the company’s TVs) and Android Market access. This model recently passed through the FCC, showing AT&T 3G support, although nothing was mentioned in the specs list when it comes to connectivity. We guess that WiFi is a given, though…

This VIA tablet was announced back at CES 2011 and we’re yet to find out if it runs Honeycomb or no.

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