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iPad Gets a Hole in the Middle; Taken Down by Shotgun (Video)

Some people are getting very bored out there and they probably want to celebrate the news that Notion Ink’s Adam is coming soon, so they decided to shoot an iPad with a shotgun. The result can be seen in the image below and in the video at the end of the article. Nothing big here, [...]

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Salsa Table Integrates iPads, Collaborative Energies Fused

One may argue that with all these gadgets we’re becoming more and more alienated and communicate through hardware, instead of speaking directly to people. Designer Bram boo begs to differ, by creating an interesting platform for iPads, the Salsa Table, integrating 4 such slates and allowing the users to turn around and see what their [...]

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iPad on Verizon Starting October 28th

Verizon has another Apple item that might interest you and it’s not the iPhone, but rather the iPad that will arrive at the end of October. Verizon iPads are available only in the WiFi version, bundled with MiFi mobile hotspots. On October 28th, the carrier will start offering three bundles, for the 16GB, 32GB or [...]

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Apple iPad 2 Concept Borrows Heavily From the iPhone 4 Design

Since there’s no trace of the iPad 2 in the news, we’ll settle with concepts, like the iPad 2 design created by Joy Studios. This slate runs iOS 4.2 and uses the same diagonal for its screen as the first iPad. The device’s design is inspired by the iPhone 4, so this iPad 2 is [...]

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iPad 2 Picture and Info Leaked: Dual Connectors, 7 Inch Retina Display, 128GB?

Well, this could be a scrapped iPad 1 project or maybe the iPad 2… We’re hoping that this image that’s just been leaked online shows the future Apple Tablet, in spite of the fact we don’t have a specs list for it yet. What we do know is that the device will use dual dock [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Packs “Porn” Button in Romanian Version? (Video)

If there’s one thing that an iPad Killer must have is Flash… but there might be one extra thing that Samsung Galaxy Tab has and will “kill” the Apple product and any other gadget for that matter: a “Porn” button. Actually, we’re talking about the Romanian language interface of the Samsung tablet, with the short [...]

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Target Stores to Sell the iPad Starting October 2nd 2010

Target recently announced that it’ll start selling the Apple iPad tablet in its stores from October 2 2010, with 6 versions available for the general public. The product is already on sale at Apple’s stores and Best Buy, but Target is also a popular store and this is good news for those of you who [...]

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BMW Embraces Apple Technology; Supports iPad and iPod Out Connectivity

BMW has just announced that it’ll support Apple product connectivity, with the iPad and iPod being the favorites, new iPhone models too. The freshly announced interface of the German car maker is called  “Original BMW Accessories — BMW Carrier for Apple iPad Office Mode”, quite a fancy name, we think. It’ll allow you to connect [...]

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iPad Does 3D Holograms… or Close (Video)

We’ve seen the iPad doing wonderful 3D tricks with the aid of a pyramid accessory, but there’s more to the Apple tablet than meets the eye. Holograms are also available, thanks to a long exposure image created by moving the iPad along a surface, as it plays section of a tridimensional image. Here’s the result: [...]

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Apple iPad Production to Increase, Cupertino Tries to Meet Demand

In spite of the rich tablet offering spotted at IFA 2010, Apple will still have to up the iPad production, in order to meet demand. Analyst Katy Huberty from Morgan Stanley claims that the Cupertino giant will have to increase the production of its slate up to 3 million units per month, in order to [...]

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