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M728 Tablet Uses a Cortex A8 Processor, Comes Straight from Asia

Here we are again, with another Asian tablet, this time one with a pretty original design. Finally, we can say that a device of this kind doesn’t copy the iPad! We’re talking about the M728 tablet, that uses a Samsung Cortex A8 processor, an 8 inch display with a 4:3 ratio and 800 x 600 [...]

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WoPad Android Tablet Detailed, Analyzed; Copies iPhone 4 Design? (Video)

The list of China-made tablets continues, with a new Shanzhai model pictured below. Meet the WoPad, an iPad clone that resembles more an enlarged iPhone 4. The tablet comes with a 1GHz Samsung pv210 chip and a 7 inch 800 x 480 pixel capacitive touchscreen. 512MB RAM and 1GB of flash storage complete the specs [...]

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Raynova Tablet Priced at $150, Comes With 8 Hour Battery

China-made tablets have a new member among them: the Raynova Ray1 slate, priced at $150 and bringing forth an 8 hour battery as the main appeal. The interface on this device is said to resemble traditional Chinese ink painting and its design style is linked to the lotus styling. The icons look as if they [...]

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iPoo is a Slate, Not a Crappy App

It’s strange to see tablet named iPoo, especially since its design is not at all crappy, but rather elegant. Coming straight from China, this product is specced below and joins the huge list of devices bearing the “i” particle in front of the rest of its name. The slate runs Android 2.2 and has nothing [...]

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Kinpad I600 7 Inch Android Slate Gets Detailed on Camera (Video)

Yet another Android tablet is coming out of China, this time the Kinpad 7 inch Android 2.2 model. Going for $399, the device can make and receive phone calls and even texts, which is a pretty appealing feat. An 800MHz Freescale CPU, AMD graphics and 3G support round up the specifications list. Kinpad I600 is [...]

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iPad 2 On Sale in China? Nope, Just the Clone of the Future Device

Cloning a device before its launch is something that happens in China, although usually such a product is the result of speculations and wishful thinking. This is the case of the following “iPad 2″, that was recently spotted in Shenzhen and already got the title of best iPad clone so far. We’re dealing with an [...]

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ePad is Just Another iPad Clone… a Very Poor One, Though (Video)

This is possibly the funniest iPad clone we’ve seen, a device dubbed the ePad, that was recently reviewed by Jon Rettinger. He didn’t hesitate to make fun of the slate, specially because it’s got a huge amount of fail going on. Ranging from the microphone that’s not working, to the speakers that are also malfunctioning, [...]

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iPhone 4 Tablet? Nope, Just the 7 Inch DroiPad, Copying the Design

We’ve heard about tablets copying the design of the iPad, but what about the iPhone 4? It appears that there’s also a slate out there mimicking the look of the latest Apple phone. The product is dubbed DroiPad and it comes with a reasonable set of specs, detailed after the break: Here’s the feature list [...]

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Coby 7 Inch Kyros Internet Tablet Gets Unboxed

Coby MID7005 is another one of the many new Android tablets everyone’s talking about, but this one is an Internet-focused device. We’re talking about a budget product here, with a 7 inch display and going for $300, exclusively via HSN.com. This is a low end unit made in China, that gets detailed after the break. [...]

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Chinese Slates Reach Eastern Europe; Affordable Tablets Compete With the iPad, Galaxy Tab

Chinese tablets have started spreading all over the world, usually sporting Android and an unbeatable price tag. This is also the case of two new products, spotted in a supermarket in Timisoara, Romania. The slates aim to compete with the Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad, specially due to the low price. One of the units [...]

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