BlackBerry PlayBook Launches in Mid-April? Avalanch of Tablets for Next Month!

After a couple of days of learning that many famous tablets will be delayed till April, another model is set to launch next month. We’re talking about the BlackBerry PlayBook, that’s been delayed a lot and we do mean a lot. We remind you that 6 months have passed since the product was announced and it has yet to reach the shops.

April 15 is the new date to look at and RIM has already sent calendar notes to Staples stores in Canada, although subtle ones, saying “Bragging rights for the district that sells the most PlayBooks today.” This is probably the same date that the device will reach the States and maybe the UK, too. Q2 was already in the books, so April kind of fits what we previously knew.

With the iPad 2 and Motorola Xoom already out, it will be tough to compete, but at least the enterprise market is ripe for the taking, till HP TouchPad comes…

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