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Elonex ebook: The next chapter in ebook readers and tablets?

IFA 2010: This time with added IFA lady
Elonex ebook: The next chapter in ebook readers and tablets?

PC maker Elonex are the latest company to confirm they will be launching multiple ebooks and tablets at IFA 2010, when the show starts on Thursday.

In an invite to Pocket-lint detailing their new announcement and inviting us to the company's show stand, Elonex confirms that it will be launching both colour and E Ink ebook models at IFA.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of virtually every other manufacturer who will also be launching ebook readers and tablets at the German tech fair.

Annoyingly the IFA lady (that's the one in the red in the picture) has her hand in the way of the key details, but we can make out that the E Ink ebBook will sport a 6-inch screen.

There is also a promise of a "World's First", but we aren't sure what exactly.

Perhaps hoping to sell the device into company's like Barnes and Noble in the US and Waterstones in the UK, the other bullet points reference a "White label content website" and "White label publishing portal" with the promise of a "% of future revenue/sales".

Pocket-lint will be at IFA all week bringing you the latest news as it happens.

We will keep you posted.

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Archos floods Android tablet market with 5 new models starting at ?99

IFA 2010: Archos 28, 32, 43, 70 and 101 Internet tablets confirmed
Archos floods Android tablet market with 5 new models starting at £99

We've already told you Archos?were readying the launch of five new tablets for IFA 2010, and now they are official with the company confirming five, yes five, new Android powered tablets including one that is under ?100.

The tablets, which all run Android 2.2 (Froyo), range from ?99 to ?299 and will be the Archos 28, 32, 43, 70 and 101 Internet tablets.

The ARCHOS 28 Internet tablet will start the ball rolling and come in at ?99. For your money you will get a 4.3-inch screen powered by Android and offering a more music focus. It will come in 4GB (?99) and 8GB (?109) sizes and be available from September.

Spend a little more and the features start to get added. The A32 (?129), an 8GB model, and the A43 (?199), a 16GB model, both add a camcorder for video and photos.

The ARCHOS 70 internet tablet adds a bigger screen and will come with a 7-incher in both 8GB (?229) and 250GB (?269) sizes. It will be available in October.

At the top end of the scale will sit the ARCHOS 101 Internet tablet which will come in two sizes 8GB (?269) and 16GB (?299) and will also be available in October. The new tablet is, says Archos, just 12mm thick and weighs only 480 grams, coming with a 10.1-inch screen.

Featuring an adjustable leg stand, on the inside it packs a 1GHz processor, high-speed wireless-n connectivity, Bluetooth, a USB socket and a built-in webcam for video calling as well. HDMI TV output and 720p HD video playback are also present.

The tablet can be used as a game pad for your TV thanks to the built-in accelerometer and 3D open GL technology, so users can enjoy a unique gaming experience.

There is also Adobe Flash 10.1 player support.


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The A28  The A28  The A28  The A32  The A32  The A32  The A32  The A43  The A43  The A43  The A43  The A43  The A43  The A101  The A101 

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LG Optimus Pad to take on Samsung and Apple

Android tablet rumours looking stronger by the minute
LG Optimus Pad to take on Samsung and Apple

On the eve of IFA 2010, the consumer electronics show in Berlin, spies who have sneaked into one of LG's Dealer Days - strictly for retailers only - have emerged with tales and pics of the company's Android-based Galaxy Tab/iPad rival that was only previously rumoured. Pocket-lint suspects that the Korean giant was keeping it schtum so it at least had one thing new and surprising to reveal in its keynote speech.

However, the cat is firmly out of the bag, thanks to, and the LG Optimus Pad is nigh-on fully confirmed to be heading our way.

Of course, there's still plenty to find out. The screen shots merely suggest that it'll run on an Android OS, which we already suspected, and that it will be thin: Indeed, "thinner and lighter than many competitors' tablets".

But looking at the pic, it also looks like it carries a 16:9 screen (horizontally) giving a more accurate movie-watching platform than the iPad. And, we'd bet the house on it being a 7-inch tablet to directly challenge Samsung's Galaxy Tab.

Either way, it's yet another indication that the tablet war is just about to go nuclear.


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PhotoFast iPADock now available for pre-order

...And ships worldwide
PhotoFast iPADock now available for pre-order

Remember when we said that Japanese company PhotoFast's iPADock was the?king of iPad/iPhone docks? Well, we still stand by that. But we also said on Pocket-lint that it is "initially only going to be available in Japan, via retailer PhotoFast". We were wrong...

It seems that the retailer is to retail outside of its native country, and has opened a pre-order section of the?English?language version of its website, offering "Great Britain" as one of the locations it will ship to. At the moment, the site doesn't say how much freight will cost (well, it does, but we doubt that it will be zero New Taiwan Dollars), but it does state that it will ship at the end of September.

It also lists the price in New Taiwan Dollars, with one dock costing NTD$2500 (approximately ?50.77) - a bargain considering that it can charge four iPhones, two iphones and an iPad, or two iPads simultaneously. And that's discounting all the computer-related memory card dockery going on round the back.

PhotoFast is still seeking a UK distributor though (and, indeed, similar for elsewhere in the world), so the more patient among you may be able to order from closer to home in the near future.

We're just not that patient.


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Hannspree 10-incher joins the IFA tablet party

Android device set for expo unveiling
Hannspree 10-incher joins the IFA tablet party

The latest IFA tablet rumours centre around a 10-inch device that Hannspree is said to be unveiling at the show, and we at Pocket-lint have just received word from our Hannspree contact regarding the (at present, still unofficial) specs of the device.

The screen will be a LED backlit 10.1-inch, 1024 x 600 one and it will run Android 2.2 (Froyo) and be powered by an Nvidia Tegra II with Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 1GHz CPU and 512MB of DDRII 667MHz RAM.

Internally there will be 16GB of flash memory (with a microSD expansion option) and it will be capable of 1080p video playback and Flash acceleration due to the Nvidia GPU.

Connectivity is via a Wi-Fi (b/g/n) and there's also Bluetooth 2.1. Plus it has mini-USB and mini-HDMI ports as well.

The battery is a Li-Polymer 3500mA, which should give you 8 hours of 1080p playback and the UI has been optimised for a 10.1-inch display.

You'll see the following options on the main menu: Home Screen, Browser, Contacts, Calendar, Email, Music, Video, YouTube, Weather, Clock, Grocery List, To Do List and Facebook.

The Hannspree tablet measures in at 260 x 171 x 13.9mm and weighs 790g.

We're told that the device should hopefully be hitting the UK before Christmas (probably around November) but as of yet there is no confirmed retail info, although we have heard murmurs of a 399 euro price-tag in Euroland.

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ViewSonic ViewPad 7 tablet/phone now official

It's the biggest phone on the block
ViewSonic ViewPad 7 tablet/phone now official

ViewSonic has officially announced the details of the 7-inch Android tablet that we knew it would be unveiling at IFA.

And the big twist is that it is, in fact, a massive phone.

The 7-inch, capacitive touchscreen, ViewPad 7 adds an extra 2 inches to the current big phone champion - the Dell Streak - and includes all of the features that you'd expect on a phone including full 3G phone connectivity with voice calls, texting and MMS all on board.

There is a slot for a full-sized SIM card so it will be interesting to see if ViewSonic announces any network tie-ups over in Berlin, or whether the device will be available SIM-free.

Apart from the phone features, you're looking at a Froyo tablet device, with a VGA front-facing camera for VoIP video calls, a back-facing 3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity; as well as a USB port and a microSD slot for memory expansion.

The ViewPad 7 also offers an office document reader, hand-written note functionality and ebook reading.

"We are proud to announce another world first at ViewSonic", said Derek Wright, European product marketing manager.

"3G phone functionality combined with dual cameras gives the ability for use of Android apps to use augmented reality or video calling on the move with the benefit of an excellent 7-inch screen.

"The ViewPad 7 is aimed at users who require the ‘always on’ connectivity they are used to from a mobile phone with a more agreeable screen size for longer term use".

The ViewPad 7 will cost around ?350 and should be available in October.

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Verizon mystery tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Leaked document provides proof
Verizon mystery tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Earlier this month a Verizon roadmap was leaked onto the web that named a Samsung tablet that was on the agenda for the US carrier.

And now we know that the Samsung i800 that was listed in fact referred to the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The revelation comes by way of a leaked screenshot from Verizon's internal system that clearly names the Galaxy Tab as being the SCHI800BKV device.

It's a similar screenshot to the Vodafone one that Pocket-lint reported on earlier this month.

It's not yet known if these networks have exclusive dibs on the Galaxy Tab, but with the tablet to get its official unveiling at IFA in the coming days, no doubt we'll have a clearer picture by the end of the week.

What we do know is that the 7-incher runs Android 2.2 (Froyo) and has Swype functionality, e-reader capabilities, HD movie playback, full web browsing (including Flash), PC link-up and, most intriguingly, video calling.


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HP’s CTO Phil McKinney teases with gadgets of tomorrow…

Then promptly Photoshops them out
HP's CTO Phil McKinney teases with gadgets of tomorrow.... Tablets, Phones, Gadgets, HP, Futureweek, 0

HP?CTO's?Phil McKinney?has been teasing his twitter followers with two images that show him supposedly playing with a couple of new gadgets from HP's research lab.

We say supposedly, because as the pictures show, all we are getting to see right now is him holding a Photoshopped black rectangle in the two shots, one the size of a phone, the other the size of a tablet. A third black Photoshopped rectangle is around his wrist.

The images come of the back of McKinney's call for votes to let him do a panel at SXSW 2011.

The CTO is hoping to do a panel titled Hacking the Future where he looks at what the future will be like it 5 to 10 years (Something Pocket-lint did back in February with its?Future week?that looked at the technology of 2015).

While the gadgets that he is holding could be real, chances are if they are to appear in his talk we might not see them until 2015.

It's also worth noting that in the past McKinney has shown off bendable e-ink technology, a dual display tablet and several cognitive devices that "learn" what you do by being behaviour aware none of which have become commercially available yet.


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Apple Special Event predictions

Team Pocket-lint predict what we think Apple might launch on 1 September
Apple Special Event predictions

Another Apple event is almost upon us, but with so many rumours floating around there is plenty that Apple could launch on the big night. Will they launch new iPod models, will they can iPod models. What about iTunes, Garage Band, Apple TV and of course the iPad 2? Then there is cloud-based music services, random products you haven't even thought of and some you have, but just can't remember.?

Here the Pocket-lint editorial team bring you what we think will be announced:

Stuart Miles, Editor

It's a tough one, but I believe the guitar could be referencing the idea that music will be with you wherever you go, very much like a guitar is something that all good rock and roll dudes pack with them on holiday. Think campfire music (as long as there is Wi-FI).

It goes without saying there will be a new iPod touch with FaceTime thanks to a built-in camera and?possibly?a new iPod nano now branded the nano touch (touchscreen of course). Will they dump the iPod classic once and for all? That's a tough one, it's an iconic device that will be hard to let go, but the circular clicky wheel just doesn't have a place in Apple's design ethos anymore - it's counter?intuitive?to the touch approach. Let's hope it's not just a new version of Garage Band.?


Rik Henderson, news editor

I think the guitar is literal.
Steve Jobs will come out, sit on a bar stool and play a rendition of Kum Ba Ya, while asking the audience to clap and sing along. Then, unexpectedly, he’ll smash the guitar on stage, a la Pete Townesend, and throw the splintered pieces into the faces of the Gizmodo spies who have sneaked into the auditorium thanks to the site’s invites being revoked for life.
Then he’ll walk off again, dusting his hands and grinning, leaving the baying crowd silent in shocked disbelief. There’ll be no “one more thing” either. As Johnny Rotten once said, “always leave them wanting more”.
Either that, or it’ll be the much discussed iPod touch rejig, with camera, retina display, blah blah blah. I also have a weird feeling that a 7-inch iPad could be on the agenda, but then, I did have beans for lunch.


Dan Sung, Features editor

Well, my predictions are that the Apple fest starts out with a middle of the road, trendy but safe artist playing an acoustic guitar on stage followed by Steve Jobs coming out in trademark black polo neck, mid blue jeans and New Balance trainers. There will then be lots of applause and an in-joke of some sort for anyone that's been reading the media hype build-up to the event. The laughter will not be proportional to the quality of this gag.

After a good bit of market propaganda the new products will start to arrive with each one described as not only "the very best we've ever made" but also better than all the competition. A volley of approximately 43 superlatives will be about par for the course. As for the products themselves, I'm thinking a new iPod touch - finally with camera - and enough beef to cope with iOS4 and a retina screen with almost the identical chassis to the iPhone 4.

Next there'll be a touchscreen Nano of some sort, but perhaps with a new name. Finally, the "one more thing" could well be some kind of iPad - probably the iPad 2. Same size as the old one but with a camera. That said, you'd probably do best to ignore what I say and go with whatever Chris has come up with. He tends to be right about these things.?

Chris Hall, Reviews editor

We’ve seen the guitar, we know it is music. I’ll avoid the usual speculation around the Beatles coming to iTunes (who doesn’t have the collection ripped from CD anyway?). I think this will be an across-the-board update of the iPods, the most significant of which will be the iPod touch, bringing it in line with some of the advancements made with iPhone 4.

I’d expect a higher resolution display with enhanced video playback capabilities, but I’m not expecting a major design overhaul. I think they’ll stick with a metal-backed body, but I do think we’ll see a camera coming into the mix. Am I playing it too safe?

Libby Plummer, Reporter

Could Apple's guitar-themed invite spell the introduction of sheet music and guitar tab on iTunes?? If the iBookstore is anything to go by, then it seems that this would be a obvious product for Apple to sell, particularly as it's already got a captive audience of music fans with cash to burn. And the iPad seems like a good place to look up a few power chords at a moment's notice...

Paul Lamkin, Reporter

It's gonna be the iPod touch 4G. It's a given. Apple is a creature of habit and since 2007 it has always announced an iPod touch in September and I can't see this year being any different.

The Apple guitar on the invite is intriguing though - sure a guitar works for an iPod launch, but it's a bit vague.

I think we could also be seeing a big iTunes announcement regarding live music. Maybe more Apple in-store live music (with acoustic sessions). At the Covent Garden launch they made a big deal about how the courtyard could make an excellent music venue.

So I'm going for the obvious iPod touch launch and some new iTunes Live features.?

Ben Crompton, Production editor?

"If everything goes to plan, then it looks as though Apple will be thrusting another iPod onto the market. It will probably get a camera, and no doubt be very, very shiny; queue inane whoops of delight from audience.

The new iteration of Apple TV should also come to light, and there might be some kind of update for iTunes; you never know, if Apple fans are really lucky it might get a complete overhaul which, arguably, is what it needs".


Pocket-lint will be live from the event bringing you all the latest news as it happens

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Toshiba Folio 100: Toshiba tablet gets a name and more specs

Details of the new tablet expected at IFA turn up
Toshiba Folio 100: Toshiba tablet gets a name and more specs

Toshiba's as yet unannounced Android tablet has got a name thanks to some detective work by the chaps over at NetbookItalia.

According to the site, the Folio 100 will also come with a docking station (just like the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab) and will supposedly come with a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 250 graphics chip.

You'll also get 16GB of internal storage, 3G, Bluetooth and 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity.

But like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the device will also add a 1.3-megapixel front camera for video calling, both full-size and mini USB ports, and an SD card for expanding the storage capabilities further.

The site is claiming a rather poor 7 hours of web or video use versus Apple's 10 hours.

The Folio 100 is likely to get a formal debut at IFA this week and could ship?as soon as October.?

NetbookItalia lists the specs as:

- OS:?Android 2.2

- Processor:?Nvidia Tegra 2

- Display: multitouch display 10.1 "widescreen WSVGA (1024x600pixel)

- Audio: 2 stereo speakers and microphone 0.5 W

- Storage:?16GB?internal memory

- Networking: 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G

- Ports: HDMI, USB 2.0 standard, USB 2.0 mini audio jack

- Card reader: SD (up to 32GB) MMC

- Battery: 1020mAh, 3.7V, 22600mWh.?Up to 7 hours?of life with mixed use (web browsing and video playback)

- Internet: Opera Mobile Browser with Flash 1.10

- Productivity suite of office applications, PDF reader, ebook reader and RSS aggregator

- Multimedia: 1.3 MP Webcam

- Dimensions: 281 x 181 x 14mm

- Weight: 760gr

- Accessories: IR transmitter and housing


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Toshiba Folio 100: Toshiba tablet gets a name and more specs  Toshiba Folio 100: Toshiba tablet gets a name and more specs 

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