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Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9-inch heading to CTIA

CTIA 2011: US mobile show to be global launch
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9-inch heading to CTIA

Samsung?is expected to launch an 8.9-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab at CTIA?on 22 March, and the company has started to tease the fact.

An invite has been sent out to American journalists, and also adorns the company's Facebook page. It sports a simple message, though, a picture of a tablet and the words:

“What’s your Tab life? 78910”

With a 7-inch tablet launched at IFA in 2010, and MWC seeing the launch of a 10.1-inch model, that leaves 8 and 9 or 8.9-inch model - we are led to believe.

Samsung all but confirms the launch of a new tablet on its Facebook page, saying:

“Were you excited about the introduction of our GALAXY Tab 10.1 at 2011 Mobile World Congress? If so, we've got more surprises in store at our UNPACKED event on 3/22!”

The news fits in with previous rumours that a?Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 launching is in March.?


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9-inch heading to CTIA 

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The best iPad 2 videos on the ‘net

Soon, everything will be revealed. Until then...
The best iPad 2 videos on the 'net

Another Apple device announcement is rapidly creeping up on us like a Dickensian pickpocket, with much the same end result; a rapid emptying of wallets. And, of course, that means that fanboys and flamers alike are sharpening their tongues/typing fingers to pour adoration/scorn over the new product, which will most likely go by the inventive and heady name, iPad 2.

But they're not the only ones following the Cupertino company's forthcoming unveiling as intently as an Apple store detective, the Internet has been awash with rumour and speculation since the first iteration of the iOS tablet arrived a year ago. Some of it, even, has been captured in video form.

So, for good or bad, here's the best vids, in our opinion, that have featured the iPad 2. In no particular order:

CES 2011 iPad 2 dummy

Lurking in a far flung corner at this year's CES in Las Vegas was a mock up iPad 2, which a case company claims is based on the design specification sent to it by Apple. And before it was rapidly hidden away, The iPhone Blog (among a couple of others) managed to get a little hands-on time with the build. We certainly hope it's not the real deal though, otherwise it's as ugly as that bit that hangs under a turkey's chin.

Macworld Expo iPad 2 cases

However, further evidence to suggest that the mocked up iPad 2 is close to the genuine article came at Macworld Expo, where another case manufacturer displayed something that was similarly shaped. It's certainly worth a watch if you can make it past the weirdly insincere voice over.

Fake TV ad

It's amazing what you can do with a dash of Photoshop. And while this is about as convincing as Martin Lawrence's performance in Big Momma's House 2, it at least shows you what a white iPad 2 could actually look like...


This is easily the best foreigner with a mop on head video we've seen, er, today. It has about as much to do with the iPad 2 as Bill Gates does, but it's worth including if only for effort, and cunning fried egg effects.

Funny iPad 2 ad

Clearly renamed to make the most of the iPad 2 frenzy, and most likely made straight after the launch of the first device, but who cares? It's still funny and relevant.

Giant iPad 2 attacks!

Another video that we suspect was originally titled "Giant iPad attacks!", but it's definitely a case of saving the best until last. It can happily stake the claim as best iPad 2 video on the 'net. Give yourself a pat on the back boys.

And that's not all, we've already featured a number of fake video reviews of the iPad, including?Exkild's excellent spoof, so you should check that out too.

As for us, we're currently undertaking the tech journo equivalent of camping outside an Apple Store, only without the tents, tinned food or unnerving proliferation of mullet haircuts. So keep with us as we cover the launch of the new iPad 2?on 2 March, and the relentless build-up until then.

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Apple Readies Yerba Buena Center for iPad 2 Event; Is it March 2nd, Yet?

Apple has just started the preparations for the great big iPad 2 launch, that will take place on March 2nd. These include dressing up the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco in the usual Apple-style colorful facade.

Folks who were present at last year’s iPad unveiling noticed that the design is very much like the one of the first iPad debut, that made the building more beautiful. We’re expecting tons of leaks and rumors now that we’re so close to the event, but these never hurt anyone did they?

Summing up all the info we have right now, it’s safe to say that the new iPad will be lighter and thinner than its predecessor, it will sport dual cameras and maybe the rumored improved display and A5 processor.

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ASUS Eee Pad MeMO Is a 7 inch Honeycomb Tablet, Showcased at CeBIT 2011 (Video)

CeBIT 2011 debuts this week in Hanover and we’re about to see some very interesting devices popping up. Among them you’ll find the ASUS Eee Pad MeMO, a 7 inch Honeycomb slate, that was launched at CES 2011 in January. The full specs list of the product is now available and this seems like a pretty powerful toy.

Here’s the specs list for the Eee Pad MeMO and be sure to check out the hands on video at the end of the article.

  • Display: 7 inch WSVGA, 1024 x 600 pixels, TFT capacitive touch
  • CPU: Qualcomm 8250 1.2GHz
  • Memory: 1GB SDRAM, 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB eMMC Flash
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, quad band GSM, GPS, HDMI
  • Camera: 1.2MP, 5MP with LED flash
  • Battery: 4400 mAh, up to 8 hours of video/music playback

ASUS also showed a Bluetooth handset accessory together with the tablet, so you’ll be able to talk all you want without having to hold the slate to your head. The demo unit of the MeMO only runs Android 2.2 Froyo sadly, but you should expect the final product with Honeycomb on board.

ASUS Germany is claiming that the MeMO will be priced at 499 EUR for the 8-16GB model, or 699 euro for the 32-64GB unit, with the Bluetooth handset included. This is certainly an appealing alternative to the HTC Flyer.

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iPad 2 Picture Leaked: Back Side Shows Signs of Design Changes

Just like we predicted, it has just started pouring with iPad 2 leaks and the latest of them shows a picture of the device’s back. The image looks pretty convincing and we can spot the rear camera, redesigned speaker and flattened back, that was seen in another leak.

Tapered edges also seem to have made the cut and this is all we can tell from this single picture, but rest assured that more will follow, till the new generation of iPads debuts on March 2nd. Any iPad 3 leaks to brighten the day?

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Android 3.0 Honeycomb Phone is Real… via Port; HTC Desire Handles the OS Admirably

Since Google’s main man, Eric Schmidt mentioned back at MWC 2011 that the future version of Android will be a combination between Gingerbread and Honeycomb, we’re delighted to show you a handset running Android 3.0: HTC Desire. This is, of course, a port, done by the usual XDA Developers and found by the folks of

Iancu Cosmin Cristian (@wackydj), the guy who tested the software on his HTC Desire claims that it’s working without any issues and that it comes with the following features:

  • touchscreen
  • 3D acceleration
  • wallpapers
  • mobile data connection
  • sending and receiving text messages
  • CM7 gallery
  • widgets

Now let’s what other devices will receive this Android 3.0 port! Samsung smartphones, maybe?

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AdvanceTC Magic W3: The Windows 7 smartphone

Hybrid jack-of-all-trades device announced
AdvanceTC Magic W3: The Windows 7 smartphone. phones, tablets, windows 7, AdvanceTC, AdvanceTC Magic W3 0

We're kinda stumped as to how to introduce the AdvanceTC Magic W3 to you.

Is it a smartphone? Well, with a 4.8-inch screen and a telephony touch UI - yes it is.

Is it a tablet? We supposed the 4.8-inch display is a tad small for a tablet, but it has docking capabilities and 720p HD movie playback so we suppose that, yes it is, a tablet of sorts also.

And, is it a micro-computer? With full Windows 7 and a Intel Atom chip inside then we have to say yes to this question too.

Basically, it's a device that ticks a number of different boxes, although whether anybody would want all of those boxes ticked at the same time, only time will tell.

The AdvanceTC Magic W3's 4.8-inch display has a native resolution of 800x480, with interpolated 800x600 and 1024x600 options too.

It's powered by the Intel Atom Z530 1.6 GHz CPU and its operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium. It has 1GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD too.

Telephone duties are care of the GSM Quad Band and 3.5G HSPA connectivity options and it also boasts? Wi-Fi b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR and a GPS transceiver.

If you're worried about navigating Windows 7 on a little screen (it's tough enough of a 20-inch touch screen AIO) then fear not - because the W3 has a custome UI which is "integrated with the device to bring you seamless control of your voice calls and SMS within the Windows 7 OS environment".

The "world's first pocketable Windows 7 microcomputer, with integrated telephony" also packs miniSD, mini-HDMI and mini-USB options and has a 1.3-megapixel webcam.

No price or availability details have yet been released but, as ever, we'll keep you posted.


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Apple’s Jonathan Ive to spurn CEO job for UK return?

Gets ?18.5million windfall, mind
Apple's Jonathan Ive to spurn CEO job for UK return?. Tablets, Phones, Audio, Apple, Jonathan Ive,  0

Apple design guru Jonathan "Jony" Ive is to move back to his Somerset home in the UK and commute to Cupertino, California when needed, reports state. And, naturally, this would take him out of the running to take over from Steve Jobs as CEO if the big man steps down permanently due to health issues.

It is said that Ive and his wife have long wanted their children to be educated in England, being parents of twin boys, but Apple is understandably at "loggerheads" with his decision to relocate. It could even cost him his current senior position within the company.

The Times spoke to an unnamed friend of his: "Unfortunately he is just too valuable to Apple and they told him in no uncertain terms that if he headed back to England he would not be able to sustain his position with them."

However, it's unlikely that Apple would be willing to?jettison?the chief designer of such products as the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

That said, it's not like he needs the money. A recent share option windfall has just awarded Ive an extra ?18.5million ($30million), should he decide to sell up. It puts him onto the Sunday Times rich list, with an estimated fortune of ?80million.


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iPad 2: Coming in white?

White bezel turns up online
iPad 2: Coming in white?. tablets, ipad, ipad 2, apple 0

Could the next generation iPad boldly be going where no other iPad (or iPhone 4) has gone before - to the white side?

If these leaked iPad 2 parts prove to be genuine then it appears so. The iPhone 4 white version has failed to materialise months after it was originally promised, but an iPad 2 blanc may be good to go already.

The leaked pictures come courtesy of the iFixYouri iPhone repair shop based in Shenzhen City. It looks to have all the necessary slots and holes including the camera eye and space for an ambient light sensor.

Last week Pocket-lint reported on the supposed spec of the highly anticipated sequel - telling you how the Jesus tablet Mk.II should be thinner and see an increase in RAM to 512MB and a new A5 CPU, along with a couple of cameras and possibly iOS 5 on board.

Could all of this goodness be packed behind a shiny white chassis? We hope so - as a white model would certainly be more aesthetically pleasing than the silver and black mock-up monstrosities that turned up last week.



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Welcome to AR Week on Pocket-lint

AR WEEK: Seeing into the future
Welcome to AR Week on Pocket-lint. AR Week, Audio, Car and GPS, Dad, Gadgets, Gaming, Hardware, Home and Kitchen, Home Cinema, Phones, Cameras, Software, Sports Fitness, Tablets, Televisions, Apps, Internet, 3D, Augmented Reality,  0

Welcome to AR Week on Pocket-lint. Over the next few days we'll be enhancing your vision of the world of technology with one of the most cutting edge areas in development at the moment - the field of augmented reality.

We’ll bring you right up to speed on what it’s all about, improve your phone with some of the best AR app suggestions out there, expand your minds with ideas of how it could shape our future and then blow your brains out completely as you take in our interviews with the very top researchers on the subject.

You'll find it all on these very pages starting from now and you have our personal Pocket-lint guarantee that your jaw will hit your desk at least once each day until we’re done. So stay tuned on Twitter, Facebook, our AR Week homepage, RSS or however else you crazy cats choose to follow all things Lint. Open your eyes and prepare to believe.

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