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Apple iPad discounted by online retailer

Viking Direct cuts Apple tablet pricing
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Viking Direct is currently selling the Apple iPad at a heavily discounted price, with a 16GB Apple iPad with Wi-Fi coming in at just ?357.81 - a bit of a bargain when you consider the Apple Store is selling them for ?429.

Spotted by the good folk at ITProPortal, the iPad offer extends right across Viking Direct's range of iPads which also means you can pick up the all singing, all dancing 64GB 3G iPad for ?582.99 - a ?116 saving on Apple's price of ?699.

ITProPortal also suggests that the offer is slightly puzzling as Viking Direct's parent company in the US has not applied any discount to the Apple product, as is the case with other major online retailers. So it's possible it's a mistake.

However, at these prices it might well be worth a go. And if you do stump for the iPad deal, be sure to let us know how you got on in the comments box below.

UPDATE: prices are in fact exclusive of VAT, so discount is not as staggering as first thought. Title has been amended and apologies for the mistake.

Thanks to Pi for pointing it out.

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Branson’s iPad Project hits the App Store

Tablet only magazine available now
Branson's iPad Project hits the App Store

Richard Branson's attempt at capitalising on the massive popularity of the iPad, and its potential to re-invent the magazine genre, kicks off with the launch of the Virgin produced Project into the App Store.

Available for free, the app provides links to download the magazine for ?1.79. It's currently showing up two different issues, one labelled US and one Canadian - both featuring The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges, on the front cover.

The magazine looks as if it is taking its inspiration from the likes of Empire, GQ and with a bit of Wired thrown in for good measure, as it will focus on culture, tech, business and overall general coolness, as explained by Project's Chris Bell, in a blog post introducing the title:

"Project, alongside other launches, is both a bold new chapter in media, and a blind pitch into a potentially humiliating void. Whether it changes the fortunes of the written word remains to be seen; built into any new launch these days is the largely optimistic hope that people still exist who like reading stuff, and don’t mouth the words as they’re doing so".

Bell also had some words of praise for Apple and News Corp's iPad title Daily, that is set for a launch in the near future:

"As Project went on sale, reports emerged that Rupert Murdoch will soon launch an iPad-only newspaper called The Daily, after it came to him in a dream or something", he said.

"Which, like all Murdoch products, shall doubtless enrich humankind with its impartial political analysis and rolling coverage of shit exploding. Also: hi-def nudity, fingers crossed. But the point stands: the irascible Aussie despot doesn’t throw his corked hat into the cyber ring until he’s sure of a market. Apart from the Times paywall, maybe. And MySpace. But, well, you know".


Project is in the App Store now, take a look and let us know what you think. We'll be bringing you our opinion on the title in our App of The Day feature soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.


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Free iPad Available on Softbank, With 2 Year Contract (16GB, WiFi+3G)

Well, here we are folks: the free iPad is her, but only in Japan. Local carrier Softbank has just announced an appealing offer for Apple’s tablet, in the 16GB WiFi + 3G version, with a 2 year data agreement. However, for this unique chance, you must pay around $56 per month, over a time 24 month period.

You can find the free iPad in stores from December 3rd and we expect the number of sold units to explode in Japan, after the holidays start.

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Sony to Launch en E-reader in December

Sony Corp recently announced that it plans on entering the e-book market in Japan as soon as possible, by opening an online bookstore with 20,000 titles. Most of them will be Japanese and this service will kick off in time for the Christmas season, according to Reuters. There’s also a gadget associated with this e-book store, an e-reader with a 5 inch display.

The product will retail starting December 10, for $240 and it’ll also be available in a 6 inch version. Sony wants to sell 300,000 readers in the first year and reach a 50% market share locally by 2012. Back in 2007 Sony and Panasonic retired from the e-reader biz, because of the lack of book titles and now Sony is back to make a better impression.

Among the rivals of the new device we must mention the iPad and Sharp’s Galapagos units. For now, there’s no Kindle in Japan, but that would kind of kill Sony’s newcomer…

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Sharp Galapagos Media Tablets Coming on December 10

Sharp is fresh into the tablet biz and its very first Galapagos series devices should be hitting the market on December 10, according to recent info. They’ll debut in Japan and we’re talking about two models here: the Mobile and Home slates. The first retails for $474, while the second will go for $653.

Sharp Galapagos Mobile features a 5.5 inch screen with a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, while the Home is a 10.8 incher with a 1366 x 800 pixel resolution. The larger unit will arrive with an 8GB microSDHC card and it’s still affordable, as long as it costs less than the 32GB WiFi iPad. Sharp will focus these products on e-books and content, rather than business features.

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Microsoft files patent for next-generation tactile touchscreen

Pixel-sized shape-memory plastic cells used for futuristic plan
Microsoft files patent for next-generation tactile touchscreen

Microsoft has filed a patent for the touchscreen of tomorrow, where you can actually touch what is being displayed. Well, sort of.

The tactile touchscreen patent works by tricking you into thinking you are touching what you can see, rather than just touching the flat display area.

Using a similar, but more advanced, technique than the voltage frequency varying tech currently in development from the likes of Nokia and Disney Research, Microsoft's method involves, "using a layer of shape-memory plastic placed above a large touchscreen to distort the surface of the screen when different wavelengths of ultraviolet light strike the pixels from beneath".

The patent is supposedly more applicable for larger display areas, such as Microsoft's Surface, than for smartphones or tablets.

When Pocket-lint spoke to Claude Zellweger, creative director of industrial design agency One & Co, earlier this year, he told us that "the holy grail of industrial design is creating something that is both hard and soft" before explaining how Electrorheological fluid technology could lead to a touchscreen display with an electrical charge that could make virtual keys seem more abrasive to touch.

And this seems to be the path that the Microsoft patent points towards.

Patrick Baudisch, display interaction expert from the University of Potsdam in Germany said: "Creating well-defined bumps on a touch surface is in many ways the holy grail of text entry on touch devices because it would enable touch typing at much faster speeds than on touchscreens today"

Apart from typing, we're also very excited by the prospect of touching digital media. Particularly if we get our hands on the Playboy Archive Hard Drive that we reported on earlier.

Microsoft doesn't comment on its patents, so it's all eyes on the Redmond lab in the hope for further updates.


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Sharp Galapagos ebook tablets priced and dated

Just for Japan at present though
Sharp Galapagos ebook tablets priced and dated

Sharp has announced that the Galapagos ebook-based tablet will go on sale in Japan on 10 December.

The tablet will be available in two sizes and run via Android (version unconfirmed, although we've heard conflicting reports mentioning 2.1 or 2.2), although it sits more in line with traditional ebook readers.

First up is a mobile 5.5-inch LCD device, that has a 1024 x 600 resolution and has a track-ball for turning pages. It comes in two colours: silver or red.?

The bigger, 10.8-inch, HD (1366 x 800) LCD screen version supports a two-page, magazine spread format and is available only in black.?

Both devices are XMDF compatible and have 802.11b/g Wi-Fi on board. They feature “Automatic Scheduled Delivery Service” for periodical publications - meaning you can get your favourite newspapers or magazines auto-downloaded if you pay the relevant fees.?

They come with a web browser and social networking apps pre-installed and "PC data", which means that docs and maps can be converted to XMDF format and viewed on the device.

The 5.5-incher is priced up at 39,800 yen (about ?303) and the 10.8-inch one will cost 54,800 yen (?417). As mentioned, both are set to hit Japanese stores on 10 December, and we've still heard nothing official regarding a UK launch.


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iPad 2 Ready for January Release, New MacBook Pro Also Getting Ready for Debut

We’ve heard a lot of iPad 2-related rumors recently and now here’s one concerning its debut: the device is supposed to go live in January 2011. Apparently, the slate will come with a new screen, new touch technology and a lighter design. Also, we’ve found out that Apple will hold two press events in Q1 2011.

During the first event, the Cupertino giant will unveil the new iPad, with a front and rear camera, plus upgraded specs. Next up should be the announcement of a new MacBook Pro in April, also with extra features. These new devices will switch to SSD storage (up to 512GB) and give up the optical drive.

To end the Q1 innovation spree is Final Cut Pro, that could be unveiled in the same time frame. No confirmation from Apple yet, aside from a mail Steve Jobs sent to a reporter, in reply to his questions, saying that we should “stay tuned and buckle up”.

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Orange confirms subsidised iPad prices

Extra savings if you're already with the network
Orange confirms subsidised iPad prices

Everything Everywhere, the umbrella under which both Orange and T-Mobile now fall in the UK, recently announced that it is to offer discounted iPads if you sign up for data contracts with either of its networks.

And now, the prices have gone live - and we now know that you'll be able to pick up an iPad from as little as ?199.

That price is for the 16GB (3G and Wi-Fi) version, with the 32GB one coming in at ?249, and the 64GB one costing ?349.

To get these prices, you'll need to sign up for a 24-month contract that costs ?25 a month for Orange customers, or ?27 if you're new to the network.

For this monthly outlay, you'll get 1GB of anytime 3G data, 1GB in the quiet time of midnight until 4am, and 3GB of BT Openzone Wi-Fi action.

Pocket-lint has had the abacus out and has worked out that even though you'd be saving money initially (?330 - ?350 depending on the model you go for), after a year you'd have met the full iPad cost and you'd still have a year to go of your contract.

But, if you're the type that needs 3G on their iPad for when you're out and about, you'd have to have some sort of data plan anyway (currently Orange's iPad plans run from ?2 daily ones, to ?25-a-month ones that give you 10GB of data), so it all depends on just how much usage you need.

Other networks offer varying plans too, so if you are considering going down the contract road, be sure to do your sums before hand so you're sure you'd be getting the right deal.

You'll probably need a calculator, Pocket-lint had trouble with the abacus we used as it only had 10 beads. Although it is Fisher Price and plays some lovely animal sounds. The cow's moo being our favourite.


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Acer CEO Convinced Its Tablets Will Dominate the Market

Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci recently spoke about the future of the tablet segment, as seen through the eyes of a company that’s fresh in the business. He claims that eventually the slates made by Acer will take over the iPad sales, although that prediction seems unlikely now. We remind you that iPad owns over 95% of the tablet segment.

Gianfranco Lanci admitted that the iPad is hugely successful and has a great market response, but it’s slowing down lately. He goes on to say that Acer’s products might reach a global market share of 10-20% and become the market leader soon enough. The CEO is convinced that the 7 and 10.1 inch tablets that will run Android 3.0 and feature 1GHz/1.2GHz dual core processors will make it big.

The specs will also include 5MP cameras with video capture support and 1280 x 800 pixel resolutions. Let’s see if Acer manages to surpass at least other Android slate makers this year.

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