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Android PSA: Music Purchases Are Now Available In Your Market App

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Just a friendly reminder that music purchases are now becoming available for Android users (in the US) via the Market app. The version of the Android Market actually remains the same as this functionality was actually hidden inside the most recent update the entire time.

I can confirm that both my Nexus S and Evo 3D are now able to purchase music from the Market so, if you haven’t opened your Android Market app today — jump in there now and pick up some free tracks from artists like Busta Ryhmes.

UK Galaxy Nexus Launch Clarifications – Carriers Likely to Offer it This Week, SIM-Free Retailer Next Week

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There’s a lot of confusion over in the UK regarding the launch of perhaps the most exciting Nexus device yet. The Galaxy Nexus is supposed to ship beginning November 17th, but some online retailers are saying they won’t be able to ship until about a week later. This includes Clove, a retailer we cover a lot, who won’t be able to ship SIM-Free units until November 23rd as that’s when the first batch of SIM-Free units will be available. If you’re getting your device through a carrier, it should ship no later than the 18th though anything can change at any given moment. In other words, some of you may still have to wait about another week but we doubt you’ll have to go much longer than that. US consumers on the other hand… [Clove, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Google X: What Are They Working On In Google’s Top Secret Lab?

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Everyone in the tech world develops products several years out. When the products they’ve been working on so hard are about to launch, they stay incredibly secretive in hopes to bolster excitement for their unveiling. It’s a the process with which we’re all familiar. But what if you extend “several years out” to forward thinking ideas that could change the world and increase “incredibly secretive” by a magnitude of 1,000?

Then you’d have Google X.

Google X is a secret Google lab working on ultra secret projects. Nobody knows where it is. Nobody knows what’s inside. Nobody knows what they’re working on. Except the people involved, of course, otherwise that would just be weird.

The point is that Google has already revolutionized the way we live, work, and play, and they’re hard at work trying to hit their next big home run. Perhaps the difference now is that they’ve got a lot more resources with which to work. Many of the ideas are thought to be in the “conceptual” stage and they’re supposedly tackling a list of 100 “shoot for the stars” ideas. I’m betting one of them we DO know: Driveless Cars.

So YOU tell US: what projects do you think Google is working on in Google X?

[Via NYTimes]

$100 Kobo Touch With Offers Coming in 2-3 Weeks, Serving Ads For Discounts

Kobo has just launched the Kobo Touch with Offers gadget, priced at $100 and supported by ads included on it. This eReader is available on its webstore and it’s down $30 from the regular $130 price tag. This 6 inch slate is just like the original Kobo Touch, but it shows ads when in sleep mode.

Also, some ads will be displayed on discreet areas, as promised by its maker. The product is available in the US in black, but it’s unavailable for pre-order right now. Kobo lists it as “shipping within two to three weeks” and there’s no telling exactly what ads you’re going to see on its screen. This device allows you to access over 2.2 million books, newspapers and magazine via WiFi and read them using the 6 inch E-Ink screen without glare problems.

7 font styles, plus your own are available and 17 sizes for best reading experience. 15 best selling book samples will be preloaded on this device, that’s very light and compact, measuring 10mm in thickness and weighs 186 grams.

Huawei MediaPad Coming to the UK, Together with Vision Smartphone

Until recently Huawei was seen as the Asian company that’s the champion of low end devices… but now it has started taking risks and launching bigger and better products. Among those there’s the MediaPad 7 inch tablet, that will launch in the US as T-Mobile SpringBoard. Now Europe is getting it as well and the device will be coming to the UK in early 2012.

This 7 inch slate was the first to run Android 3.2 Honeycomb and among the first to make us realize that this diagonal format is cool and comfortable. The HTC Flyer didn’t quite succeed, since it had Android 2.3 Gingerbread on it and only felt like a huge phone. UK buyers will be able to get the MediaPad in the WiFi-only version for 275 quid and now that it packs a dual core processor, dual cameras and HDMI output.

Another Huawei gizmo coming to the UK is the Gingerbread-based smartphone Huawei Vision, coming at Christmas time and being priced affordably at around 25 quid with carrier subsidies.

ZTE V9C Light Tab Android Slate Gets Dissected at the FCC

There comes a time in a gadget’s life when it has to be stripped down of components and pictured in a gallery of detailed teardown. That time has come for the ZTE V9C Light Tab, an Android slate that has just reached the famous US authority known as the FCC.

This device is the most basic of tablets, sporting a 7 inch 800 x 480 pixel display, good old Android 2.3 Gingerbread and even 3G Connectivity. WiFi and Bluetooth are obviously included, as well as a front VGA camera and rear 3MP camera. Internal shots of the slate show that it comes with a Qualcomm MSM7227 processor, Samsung SDRAM and a pretty big battery.

The power unit here is a 3400 mAh battery and more info can be learned from the teardown pics below. Would you be willing to do that to your tablet, provided you had assistance and the tools?

Huawei Announces UK Plans for MediaPad Tablet, Vision Smartphone

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The Huawei MediaPad, which will launch in the US as the T-Mobile SpringBoard, is headed to the UK. The manufacturer confirmed as much, pointing to a release in early 2012. The 7-inch tablet was one of the first to give us a glimpse at Honeycomb (specifically Android 3.2) tailored for a slightly smaller screen, though others have since beat it to market in some regions. For £275, buyers in the UK will get a WiFi-only slate with a dual-core CPU, dual cameras, and HDMI output.

Also announced for the UK was the Android 2.3 Huawei Vision The handset will arrive in time for Christmas and be affordably priced at about £25 after carrier subsidies are accounted for. We wouldn’t be surprised to see it offered for free in many places.

[via PCWorld]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Coming to T-Mobile on November 16th With $249.99 Advance Pay

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus will be arriving in the US of A on November 16th, with a $249.99 price tag, according to sources familiar with the matter. Originally, the device was supposed to come on the 13th, but maybe it was considered an unlucky day by either T-Mobile or Samsung.

The $249.99 price tag applies to a two year contract and there’s also a $50 mail in rebate  option in there. The contract mentions a clause of 20 interest-free monthly payments of $10. Let me remind you that the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is a 7 inch tablet with a weigh of a mere 0.77 pounds, a dual core 1.2GHz Exynos processor and 16GB of internal memory, plus a microSD card slot.

At the back of the handset there’s a 3 megapixel camera, able to record HD video, while at the front there’s a 2 megapixel shooter with video call purposes. The OS of choice here is Android 3.2 and some bundled apps like WildTangent, Zinio, Blio and more. Will you get one?

Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet launched

Read all about it
Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet launched. Tablets, Barnes and Noble, Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet 0

Barnes and Noble has announced the Nook Tablet, which features a Kindle Fire beating spec sheet and improved functionality over previous versions.?

The Nook Tablet features access to millions of comic books and songs as well as a 1GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM. Also included is free cloud storage for media and by the looks of it, a pretty incredible screen.

The IPS display features something called 'vivid view' giving "unprecedented?viewing angles". Battery life-wise the tablet manages a full nine hours of movie watching, which is plenty for a tablet of its size and weight.?Memory-wise you get 16GB of internal storage that is expandable up to 32GB with SD. No exact specifics on weight but it is said to be less than a pound, or for those in the UK, less than 450g.?

It also supports full 1080p video and features Netflix and Hulu support straight on the device. There is plentiful apps set to ship with the Nook Tablet on top of just video, including things like Pandora, Nook Comics and Nook Books. Oh and Angry Birds is coming.

An interesting feature included in the new Nook Tablet is the ability to record yourself reading, so that young ones can listen along to whatever it is you have read previously, if say you can't be there to read it to them.

Barnes and Noble manages 27 per cent of eBooks sales and has until now sold millions of its eReaders and tablets. So many in fact they claim the Nook is the number two selling tablet in the US behind the iPad.

Expect to see the Nook Tablet arrive in US stores next week, priced at just $249.?


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Motorola RAZR Debuts at Rogers, Available for $149.99 on Contract

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As folks in the US wait for their clocks to strike the gimmicky 11:11AM on 11/11/11, Rogers has made the Motorola RAZR available for our Canadian neighbors. The ultra-thin Android 2.3 handset with a 1.2GHZ dual-core processor is now available for purchase. With a three-year obligation, the RAZR comes in at $149.99. Understanding that three years may be too long for some, Rogers is also offering the phone contract-free for $649.99.

[Rogers via MobileSyrup]