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2010: A year in review, December

Samsung Nexus S unveiled, Angry Birds mania and the Pocket-lint Gadget Awards
2010: A year in review, December

New Year's Eve is upon us so it's time to prep the party poppers, chill the bubbly and make the resolutions that you'll have forgotten by the morning. But before all that, it's time to take a look at the biggest stories from the past 12 months - last stop: December.

As January always brings the gigantic CES tech show in Las Vegas, December tends to be a bit of a quiet month for tech news as the the big manufacturers keep their cards close to their chest and the rest of the world prepares for a much-needed rest over the festive season.

We kicked off December with our very own App-vent Calendar - where each day, we opened the door on a new Christmas-themed app. The star of the show was Angry Birds Seasons, a festive update to the wildly popular game that gadgets fans have been going crazy over. Angry Birds fever continued to grow with one fan even constructing a gingerbread house inspired by the game. We carried out a much-read 'unboxing' and hands-on test of the new range of Angry Birds plush toys.

In slightly more serious news, we saw the arrival of the world's first Android 2.3 phone in the shape of the Samsung Nexus S, while the white iPhone 4 got its official release date, well not so much of a date as a season - the irritatingly vague spring 2011.

Google's Chrome 8 browser became official, while the search engine giant also launched its eBooks store and the design of Facebook profile pages got a major overhaul.

We got an indicator of the powerful influence that the iPad is exerting on the publishing industry when UK tabloid newspaper The Sun announced that it would offer an iPad edition on Christmas Day - the first to be published on 25 December for 41 years. Among other festive revelations was the news that Avatar would be getting its 3DTV premiere on Sky 3D on Christmas Eve.

On 22 December, Skype went down after a technical glitch, causing a storm of criticism on Twitter and panicked emails all over the world. The problem was sorted within a couple of days and Skype launched an updated version of its iPhone app just after Christmas, complete with video calling.

December was also the start of our preparations for January's Las Vegas-based tech show CES, including a guide as to what it's all about. You can follow all the coverage in January here.

Naturally, the big news in December was the annual Pocket-lint Gadget Awards. This is where the tech industry gathers every December to congratulate the makers of the best gizmos of the year, while simultaneously trying to drink the bar dry. You can catch a glimpse of the winners in our special awards image gallery.

The 2010 award for the Most Shamless Use of a Gadget has to go to Aussie popstrel Dannii Minougue for flashing a Swarovski-crystal adorned BlackBerry Bold with the the words "Vote Matt" emblazoned on the back in reference to her X-Factor finalist protege Matt Cardle. Not to be outdone, Pocket-lint's own News Editor knocked up his own version (using the medium of PhotoShop) to garner votes for the site's News Reporter extraordinaire, Paul Lamkin, when he was nominated for a journalism award.

For a closer look at these events and the rest of December take a look at our weekly round-ups from the month or head straight to the archive itself.

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2010: A year in review, December  2010: A year in review, December  2010: A year in review, December 

2010: A year in review, December originally appeared on on Fri, 31 Dec 2010 16:26:23 +0000

HTC Scribe, Next Android Tablet to Hit CES?

HTC might actually be developing a tablet, since the Taiwanese company has just filed a trademark application for the HTC Scribe name. This can point towards a brand new Android slate, according to some sources and the company also listed the unit as a “handheld wireless device, namely, a tablet computer”.

It doesn’t get any clearer than this, we can say at this point… Also, it seems HTC also filed a trademark for the word “Scribe”, bearing the same description. Speculations say that the device will be based on a NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU, it’ll support a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, feature 2GB of internal memory and a microSD card slot with support for up to 32GB cards.

Scribe will run Android Honeycomb, which recently turned out to be version 2.4 and not Android 3.0 as we had previously heard. Maybe we’ll see the device at CES 2011…

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Technology in 2011: Pocket-lint’s predictions

A year into the future according to the team
Predictions for 2011

With Christmas out of the way, we're just a hop, skip and a jump away from seeing in the New Year. January brings CES - the biggest tech show in the world which will be where thousands of new gadgets make their debut. But what kind of innovations can we expect to see throughout the rest of 2011?

The members of the Pocket-lint team have gazed into their crystal balls to see what's on the horizon...


Stuart Miles:

What will happen

2011 will be the year of the tablet, with a number of companies launching tablet devices as the market takes off in the same way Netbooks did a couple of years ago. Beside that 3DTV will continue to try and woo our hearts with more and more televisions coming with the technology as standard. It means that rather than deciding whether or not you want the technology it will just be there.

As for phones - Android will continue to get people frustrated over upgrade paths, Nokia will continue to struggle, and Windows Phone 7 will find its legs. Oh and half the year will be dominated by the iPhone 5 and how it's once again the second coming - oh those fanboys.

What I wish would happen

As for what I wish for? Gadgets that excite, gadgets that improve our lives, and gadgets that make a difference.


Rik Henderson:

What will happen

Apple’s iPhone 5 will come along in June, naturally, although there will be a choice of several colours from day one - we might even see them before the white iPhone 4, at this rate. And the iPad 2 will be very similar to the original generation except for a front-mounted camera (no rear) for FaceTime, a higher resolution screen and faster memory.

Plus, Microsoft will enter the tablet market with an innovative, different idea, but struggle to compete against the flood of devices already in shops. And Sony will announce a TV with a PlayStation 3 inside; PlayStation TV.

Steve Jobs will buy himself a new wardrobe… To keep his black turtleneck sweaters in.

What I wish would happen

It’s just a small thing to ask, but it’d be, you know, really cool if somebody somewhere released some 3D Blu-ray content to go with the 3D Blu-ray players and 3D TVs. Oh, and if a senior Apple employee wants to leave a pre-production model of the iPhone 5 in a bar somewhere, would they mind leaving it near Pocket-lint Towers this time please?


Dan Sung:

What will happen

The obvious move is more tablets. We'll see them at CES and we'll see another from Apple. What I also suspect is that the others won't do so well. HTC's will fare better than Samsung's and the PlayBook will do ok provided it actually exists but, ultimately, these will remain luxury items for the time being rather than having the same ubiquity as the mobile phone or laptop. Between these things and FaceTime, video calling's finally going to take off too. The kids'll get into it and hopefully not use it as a tool of bullying. Finger's crossed that whatever cultural perversion they come up with will be more creative than that.

Elsewhere, yep, it's all going to be 3D. That'll be the rinse for a while until we wake up in 2014 and realise everything we own is 3D Ready whether we actually want it to be or not.

Outside gadgets, it'll be location, location, location as GPS improves and specific, more relevant and instant searches become the norm. Expect the second steep rise of Facebook because of it with few people sparing a thought for Foursquare.

Google will be Google, Apple will be Apple, Microsoft will be Microsoft and Palm will remain niche no matter who owns the name. Also, something's going to give with paywalls one way or the other. Really hard to say but I'm starting to think they're going to work.

What I wish would happen

I wish paywalls wouldn't work. The Times falling flat on its rump would be nice just to make sure no one else follows suit. Other than that, a non-Nokia smartphone with a Nokia grade antenna would be nice and the arrival of a mobile broadband service that's actually good enough to rely on when you're out and about. LTE? Now, that's really a dream.


Chris Hall:

What will happen

I think we'll continue to see added features to mobile devices, with Android continuing to gain popularity in flagship devices, whilst leaving a trail of fragmentation behind it, with the mobile OS appearing in a range of products for which is wasn't designed. By Mobile World Congress in February we'll definitely see some strong implementations of Android, and I suspect some stronger tablet offerings. We could also expect to see Apple making some updates and if, as rumoured, they add near field communication to the iPhone 5, we might see this technology take off.

I think we'll see a continued march toward cloud services, the evolution of the Apple's desktop App Store will make people think about traditional software "packages" and new avenues for piecemeal delivery, with a trend towards lighter simpler PC applications that reflect the success of mobile solutions. I don’t think we'll see a convincing unified solution from Windows, however, I suspect we'll see a number of stores from different manufacturers trying to "add value" but failing to hit the mark.

What I wish would happen

I wish syncing services would find their place so that everything "just works", cloud or not cloud, across platforms, without throwing up errors you'll never be able to trace.


Ben Crompton:

What will happen

In terms of consumer technology the key developments for 2011 will possibly be mass uptake of the tablet form factor, as OS specific software creates a better user experience and costs begin to come down. There will also be a convergence in the technology you use to surf the Internet, with more people opting into internet-enabled devices.There will also be an increase, as well as a growing awareness, of consumer technology that demands you to hand over private data in order to use the device.

What I wish would happen

My hope for 2011 is that there will be more of a balance between technology itself determining the pace of adoption and society directing our technological path. This will hopefully ensure the latest developments aren't simply adopted on the grounds that they're the "latest thing".


Paul Lamkin:

What will happen

2011 is going to be the year that web-powered TV becomes the norm in the living room. There's just so many ways to get IPTV piped into your home-cinema set up now and with the likes of YouView and Google TV set to launch in the UK next year, our options are going to increase,? building healthy competition between manufacturers. Expect to see more Sky and Virgin Media broadband-based internet TV services too - they won't just sit back and see their market eaten into.

What I wish would happen

I wish for world peace, an solution for global warming or a cure for cancer. Failing that, I'd settle for something exciting to come out of Cupertino. We know that the iPad 2 will launch at the start of the year and I just hope that there's some innovative tech on board, rather than Apple simply slapping a couple of features (such as a front facing camera and a USB port) that it could have put on the original but held back because it likes to drip feed us a new device every year.


Libby Plummer:

What will happen

I think that we'll be seeing 3D tech gathering pace, particularly in the projector world as people begin to realise that you really need the biggest screen possible to enjoy three-dimensional content. We'll also be getting the much-rumoured second-generation iPad from Mr Jobs and co, so I'm just hoping that it offers such genuine extra benefits compared to the existing model. A lower price would be nice, too.

What I wish would happen

I'd like to see more 3D Blu-rays becoming available as the current selection is rather pitiful and the whole 3D offer really needs some help if it's ever going to win people over. And hover boards. I'd like to see hover boards in 2011.

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2010: A year in review, November

Sexy hard drives, lots of Angry Birds and a sad day for photography in Kuwait
2010: A year in review, November

After the tsunami of gadgets that washed up on our pages over, well, the rest of the year really, November 2010 was quite a pleasant time to take a closer look at the few that were afforded a big launch that month - as well as some of the sillier news stories floating around.

On the serious side, it was a chance for the mini-Micro Four Thirds that is the Panasonic GF2 to star in one of our photo galleries along with the flagship BlackBerry Bold 9780 and the take two from HP/Palm in the form of the Pre 2. For those looking to burn money, Panasonic also brought out a ?65,000, 103-inch, 3D plasma TV and Harrods came up with a way to make the Galaxy Tab even more expensive than it already was by encrusting one in crystals. In fact, it might have been that that finally made Samsung, or its retailers, see sense as prices of the gadget, sans bling, were slashed to below ?500 for the first time.

Not quite on the shelves but soon soon to be in front rooms everywhere was the Virgin Media TiVo box that Pocket-lint managed to grab a sneak peak of and, finally, oh so very finally, Gran Turismo 5 actually came out. People bought it and played it and everything.

Elsewhere on the front pages, the hotly anticipated Microsoft Kinect touched down in the UK shifting units-a-plenty, Facebook revamped its Messages services into something more like e-mail and The Beatles arrived on iTunes to the largest single “meh” the world has ever seen.

Phones were on the agenda, as ever, when we caught some blurry snapshots of the next pure Android handset known as the Nexus S and trouble looked to be a-brewing for the enterprising chap on the web offering white iPhone conversions but that was nothing compared to the fate in store for anyone looking to use a DSLR in Kuwait. And last, but not least, November, as ever, was when we announced the short list for the Pocket-lint Gadget Award winners. Did you get one for Christmas?

As for that fun we promised, it was a good month for novelty HDDs with 56 years of Playboy available on one and the DeLorean from Back to the Future turned into another. Alan Partridge returned in Mid Morning Matters online courtesy of Fosters, Sir Clive Sinclair was also back with the new take on the C5 and the Queen even put herself up for a poke by joining Facebook.

Naturally, a month wouldn’t be a month without some bizarre litigation of one kind or another and November was all about Nintendo trying to copyright the phrase “on like Donkey Kong”. Good luck with that, and after we found the world’s largest panoramic photo, we were pretty much stuck for the rest of November trying to find our houses.

And, if we’re talking novelty, it was the month where Angry Birds fever really took a hold with cakes, iPhone holders and even a comedy sketch. Just as well we did an excellent series of interviews with HTC for a little balance.

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Skin makes iPhone / iPad look like Polaroid Land Camera

...And other devices as well
Skin makes iPhone / iPad look like Polaroid Land Camera. Phones, Tablets, iPhone, iPad, Polaroid, iPod touch, HTC Evo, BlackBerry, 0

First there was the skin that made your iPhone look like a Leica M9, and now you can change your Apple handset into the spitting image of a 1980s Polaroid 1000 Land Camera. Well, sort of... Without the lumps, bumps and curves.

However, this time the pimp job is not just restricted to the iPhone itself, is also offering similar skins for the iPod touch, HTC EVO and BlackBerry (Bold, Curve, Storm2 and Tour).

It even has a skin for the iPad, although there's not really much point to it at the moment as there's no camera on the current generation of the Apple tablet.

The skin has been designed by Ryan Astle, and costs $14.99 (?9.65) for the mobile phone and handheld device versions, $19.99 (?12.86) for the iPad one. Shipping is from $2.99 inside the US, up to $6.00 (?3.86) for International UPS.

It comprises of a full-size piece of iPhone art for the rear, and a small front piece for the, er, front. You also get an Infectious logo, should you be inclined.

Of course, you could always plump for an actual Polaroid 1000 from eBay. They generally go for around ?10-?40. You might find the film tricky to get hold of though.


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HTC tablet to be called HTC Scribe?

Two filed trademarks suggest so...
HTC tablet to be called HTC Scribe?. Tablets, HTC, HTC Scribe, Android, 0

HTC has filed two trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the names "HTC Scribe" and "Scribe" in relation to a "handheld wireless device, namely, a tablet computer". This suggests that the company has plumped for a name for its forthcoming tablet device, and there's not a "pad" or "tab" in sight.

It is already believed that the company is readying an iPad rival for release in 2011, with?Taiwanese notebook maker Pegatron Technology claiming that it has received a substantial order for Android-laden "PCs" from HTC, and the company's own CEO?Peter Chou, hinting at a Mobile World Congress 2011 unveiling. However, details on its form factor and final operating system are yet to be confirmed:

"[Customers] may want Windows or Android," said Chou in an interview with "Or they may want big screen or small screen. They may want keyboard or tablet; HTC will let the consumer decide".

Either way, it looks as if we'll have to wait until February to find out for sure.


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VIDEO: Asus Eee Slate detailed

Latest CES teaser spills the beans on tablet range
VIDEO: Asus Eee Slate detailed. tablets, Asus, Asus Eee, Asus Eee Pad, Asus Eee Slate, Asus Eee Slate EP121, ces2011 0

Earlier this week we reported on some pictures of Asus' Eee Pad that we said would make you go "ooo". Well, now we can show you the video that will make you go "ahh" as it answers a few questions.

First up, the name. There's no "pad" mentioned, the narrator calls this particular device the Asus Eee Slate EP121, and it is detailed as a 12-inch tablet, with HDMI and USB ports, an SD card slot, a webcam and Full HD playback.

It comes with a detachable keyboard and stylus pen, and the video states that it will let you demand "more performance" and "more flexibility" with expandable and replaceable storage options, an Intel i5 chip and Windows 7 all aboard.

And there's more. A video that was live, which has now been taken down, but from which a screengrab has been taken seems to show off the entire Asus Eee Slate range.

As well as the EP121, there's the EP102 which has a slider QWERTY keyboard, the EP101, which is described as a transformer and seems to have a dockable keyboard, and the EP71, which looks like a 7-inch pocket-friendly 7-inch version.

All of the Asus Eee Slate range will be officially unveiled at CES, so keep your eyes peeled to Pocket-lint for further updates.


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VIDEO: Asus Eee Slate detailed originally appeared on on Thu, 30 Dec 2010 17:44:00 +0000

2010: A year in review, October

Huge launches from Apple, Google and Microsoft
2010: A year in review, October. laptops, home cinema, tablets, MacBook Air, google tv, Logitech Revue, sony, google, apple, microsoft, windows phone 7, nissan leaf, David Haye, Disgo Tablet 6000, Advent Vega, iLife 11, Mac App Store, Mac OS X Lion, angry birds 0

After the IFA-fuelled mayhem that was September, we thought perhaps that there may be a bit of a lull in the tech industry whilst we all tried to catch our breath after the Berlin blitz. But no, the major players all had other plans with huge launches from arguably the three biggest names in tech - Apple, Google and Microsoft - all taking place within the month.

It all kicked off in relatively low-key fashion however, although the Android assault showed no signs of letting up. October was the month that saw the number of apps in the Android Market hit 100,000 - a five fold increase within a year, and it was also the month where the budget Android tablets started to arrive...en masse.

First to the table in October were Disgo with its Tablet 6000, that offered Android action for just ?180 - the same price that Next (yes, the same place you bought your Dad his Christmas socks) also put on sale its cr-app filled Android tablet. A more likely contender, PC World, weighed in with its two efforts not long after - the Advent Vega and the Advent Amico, two tablets that cost ?249.99 and ?129.99 respectively.

It wasn't just a cheapo month for Android devices though, October also saw the very, very not-cheap Samsung Galaxy Tab get priced up at a whopping ?599.99, although the Carphone Warehouse would soon slash ?70 off of this.

The first big launch event of the month came courtesy of Logitech, who went a week earlier than Sony in declaring its Google TV armoury. The star of the show at the Logitech event in New York was undoubtedly the Revue set top box that transforms your HDTV into an all singing, all dancing internet-powered media station, but there were a few other little launches that were definitely worth a mention.

Sony's Google TV efforts revolved around a system built directly into a TV (in four different sizes), and also a Google TV powered Blu-ray player, which we took for a spin.

The day before the Sony announcements, Pocket-lint was invited to the official Windows Phone 7 launch event by Microsoft, where we were detailed on all of the WP7 handsets that would be coming our way. 10 days after this the devices went on sale and we went down to the Orange shop at the crack of dawn to see two men and a dog queuing. Hardly the big event that Microsoft had in mind. Still, the handsets received some good coverage in our comprehensive reviews, which can all be found in our Windows Phone 7 section.

Not to be outdone by its big rivals having high profile launches, Apple bods, including Mr Turtle Neck himself - Steve Jobs - took to the stage on the 20th for its Back to the Mac event. Despite missing a trick with the event's name (has nobody in Cupertino heard of Mark Morrison?) Apple didn't let us down when it came to the big announcements. It was a jam packed evening, with Jobs and the gang showing off the forthcoming Mac OS X Lion, announcing the arrival of the Mac App Store, FaceTime on the Mac and also iLife 11.

But the most exciting launch was left until last, when the latest generation MacBook Air models were shown off. Two new machines were announced, both featuring "instant on" and ditching hard and optical drives in favour of SSDs. Pocket-lint got its hands on the super-slim machine and got a comprehensive review up within days of it becoming available. Sadly though, it didn't impress us enough to earn the coveted "Hot Product" tag.

Apart from the ongoing Android evolution and the big launches from Apple, Google and Microsoft, there was plenty of other stuff going on in the month the Czechs like to call Ř?jna.

October was also the month where Pocket-lint went one-on-one with David Haye, the Heavyweight Champion of the World, took the world's first truly practical mass-produced 100 per cent electric vehicle - the Nissan Leaf - for a spin, went goo-goo for Rovio's Angry Birds plush toys, as well as being treated to some new Halloween levels on the massively popular mobile game.

And whilst we're talking Halloween, we simply have to remind you of our absolutely brilliant 50 Great Geek Pumpkins feature. The best? A tough call, but we're gonna go for the incredibly detailed Death Star effort.

For a closer look at these events and the rest of October take a look at our weekly round-ups from the month or head straight to the archive itself.

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2010: A year in review, October. laptops, home cinema, tablets, MacBook Air, google tv, Logitech Revue, sony, google, apple, microsoft, windows phone 7, nissan leaf, David Haye, Disgo Tablet 6000, Advent Vega, iLife 11, Mac App Store, Mac OS X Lion, angry birds 1  2010: A year in review, October. laptops, home cinema, tablets, MacBook Air, google tv, Logitech Revue, sony, google, apple, microsoft, windows phone 7, nissan leaf, David Haye, Disgo Tablet 6000, Advent Vega, iLife 11, Mac App Store, Mac OS X Lion, angry birds 2  2010: A year in review, October. laptops, home cinema, tablets, MacBook Air, google tv, Logitech Revue, sony, google, apple, microsoft, windows phone 7, nissan leaf, David Haye, Disgo Tablet 6000, Advent Vega, iLife 11, Mac App Store, Mac OS X Lion, angry birds 3  2010: A year in review, October. laptops, home cinema, tablets, MacBook Air, google tv, Logitech Revue, sony, google, apple, microsoft, windows phone 7, nissan leaf, David Haye, Disgo Tablet 6000, Advent Vega, iLife 11, Mac App Store, Mac OS X Lion, angry birds 4  2010: A year in review, October. laptops, home cinema, tablets, MacBook Air, google tv, Logitech Revue, sony, google, apple, microsoft, windows phone 7, nissan leaf, David Haye, Disgo Tablet 6000, Advent Vega, iLife 11, Mac App Store, Mac OS X Lion, angry birds 5 

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2010: A year in review, September

Busy, busy, busy
2010: A year in review, September

One often looks at CES and January as the biggest moments in the tech calendar but there’s no doubt that 2010 was all about September. The month started with a bang as this year’s IFA show in Berlin caught the beginning of autumn rather than the end of August as it sometimes does. With the iPad launch earlier in 2010, we were all expecting a year of tablets and we weren’t disappointed. Finally, the world met the Android powered, 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab and there was even a little competition with the Toshiba Folio 100 as well. Aside those treats, it was the usual case of a world of AV products - 3D being the watchword - as well as a promise from Motorola that we’d see a tablet from them come CES 2011. Watch this space.

For the gritty details of everything that whent down in Berlin, take a look at our IFA 2010 homepage but, if it was the tablets you’re after, then it was elsewhere we got a glimpse - albeit behind glass - of other gadgets in this emerging space. September also saw BlackBerry’s annual event in the US where Pocket-lint snapped the BlackBerry PlayBook concept as well as the latest Bold and Pearl mobiles?running OS 6 and sat down to a full explanation of just what this QNX operating system was all about.

Nokia too decided that September would be a good time for the company's Nokia World show which this time took place in good old Blighty. Despite their fire going out in the eyes of the Western World, there was still plenty of interest in the handsets that were on show including the C7 and the Nokia E7 QWERTY communicator. Again, more on the event as a whole on our Nokia World home page.

At the same time, HTC’s Peter Chou thought he’d gazump proceedings down the road with a launch that the world had been waiting for all year. Yes, it was free minibus shuttle for journalists war as the Desire HD and Desire Z became real along with the upgraded version of HTC Sense and lots and lots of dribbling gadget fans.

Motorola weren’t to be outdone either - in theory, anyway - so the company held an event for its second crack at QWERTY chic with the Motorola Milestone 2 as well as launching probably the only Android handroid designed with toughness at heart - the Defy. Fortunately, the month was also kind to those on a budget as Orange came up with the San Francisco Android smartphone which has proved to be one of the most popular handsets out there. And to wind it all up one the mobile front, there was even one phone seen that no one was able to get their hands on. Do take a look at the video of the concept that is the Mozilla Seabird if you didn’t catch it first time around. Mind blowing.

Naturally, Apple wasn’t going to sit there and do nothing, so the company made sure its annual Autumn refresh of the iPod range went without a hitch and even beefed up proceedings with the revamp of Apple TV and the launch of iOS 4.1 with its tablet sized dreams.

Despite it all though, September truly belonged to the camera world with the Photokina 2010 trade show in Cologne and a huge host of other optical launches that happened around the world at the same time. Naturally, Pocket-lint was all over it like a UV filter and brought back pictures of DSLRs like the mid-range Canon 60D, the enthusiast powerhouse that is the Nikon D7000, the alternative Pentax K-5 and the super-expensive Hasselblad Ferrari H4D and medium format, ?10k Pentax 645D.

An embarrassment of riches this might have been but it was really all about the compacts or, more specifically, those cameras that lie somewhere in between. Canon and Nikon got professional with their G12 and P7000 respectively, Samsung got very excited about their latest take on the mirrorless interchangeable lens market with the NX100 and it was probably Fuji that stole the show with the very swish looking rangefinder-a-like with APS-C sensor that is, and hopefully will be soon, the FujiFilm FinePix X100. Of course, if you had ?20,000 to spend, there was always the Titanium Leica M9 and you can see all the other bits and pieces we dug up on the Photokina 2010 homepage.

So much happening and so little time but we still found the seconds to bring you news away from all the product launches as well. We met a spray on fabric revolution called Fabrican, we brought you photos of the futuristic Electrolux Design Labs competition, we got our first glimpse of the Facebook film on MySpace of all places and there was also the sad news of the tragic death of the man who ran Segway and the not so sad closure of Blockbuster video in the US. Ex-employees of Ritz Video UK are still waiting to jump for joy over this side of the waters.

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iPad 2 to Get USB Port

iPad lovers will be pleased to learn that Apple might include an USB port (2.0 or 3.0) on the next generation of slates. The source of the rumor is Eldar Murtazin, the famous Mobile Review editor in chief who always has the scoop on Nokia devices.

He got his info from “vendors connected with Apple” and we must say that an USB port would be a welcome addition to the iPad 2. The first generation of slates used a 30 pin connector for sync and charging and an USB adapter sold separately and plugged into the 30 pin slot.

CES 2011 will probably allow us to find out more about the second generation of iPad.

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