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VIDEO: iPad + Chrome OS = ChromePad?

People just love hacking the Jesus tab
VIDEO: iPad + Chrome OS = ChromePad?

Recently, we saw some clever so and so hacking their iPad to run Windows 95. Impressive? Yeah, we suppose so.

But Windows 95 was rubbish in 1995 so we couldn't quite understand what the point was.

If you're gonna hack your iPad, at least use a more contemporary OS or, even better, one that doesn't officially exist yet.

That's what Hexxeh has done with his hack job, which runs the open source Chromium OS (that will be used for the forthcoming Google Chrome OS) via the Apple device.

It's a brief demo, and we'd like to see more, but we like it never-the-less.


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VIDEO: iPad + Chrome OS = ChromePad? 

VIDEO: iPad + Chrome OS = ChromePad? originally appeared on on Thu, 30 Sep 2010 15:07:00 +0100

The next Android tablet comes from, er, Next

High street clothes retailer has ?180 tab up for sale
The next Android tablet comes from, er, Next

Well, we have to admit that we didn't see this one coming.

We expected a barrage of Android tablets to hit the market, from the usual players like Samsung, Toshiba, LG and HTC - but Next? Next?

Obviously, the clothing giant wouldn't have manufactured the device itself - unless it has secretly opened an electronics assembly line over in the Far East that we don't know about - but even so, this Next branded tablet does come a little out of left field.

Whatever it is (most likely a re-branded existing tablet), we know that it is a 10.1-inch tablet, packing:

- A backlit LED screen with a 1024 x 600 resolution

- An ARM 1GHz LNX Code 11 processor

- 256MB or RAM

- 8GB of onboard storage

- Android 2.1

- 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi

- A USB port

- A microSD port

- Stereo speakers

The downsides? The battery life is just 3 hours apparently, and it has a resistive touch screen.

But, for ?180, this is a very affordable, if somewhat surprising, entry to the exciting Android/tablet world.

It is available to order directly from now.


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The next Android tablet comes from, er, Next 

The next Android tablet comes from, er, Next originally appeared on on Thu, 30 Sep 2010 09:42:00 +0100

More confirmation that QNX coming to BlackBerry smartphones

Three RIM execs say it's happening, but official line isn't so clear
More confirmation that QNX coming to BlackBerry smartphones

RIM has confirmed to Pocket-lint that QNX and the BlackBerry OS will eventually become a single symbiotic entity in the future.

Although refusing to be drawn on the specifics of when that future might be, Alan Panezic, vice president platform product management, told Pocket-lint that such a move would be a "logical conclusion".

The executive's comments line-up with a number of other BlackBerry bigwigs that are also hinting and confirming what most people expect to be the eventual outcome.

“There’s no reason to rule it out”, Alan Brenner, senior vice president, BlackBerry Platform, told Bloomberg in an interview at the conference.

The news agency is reporting that RIM’s senior management has signalled that such a move might make sense, though the company hasn’t announced plans.

Meanwhile website IntoMobile states that an unnamed RIM VP has confirmed to them that the QNX operating system?would, "be finding its way to smartphones in the long run, and ultimately replace the existing BlackBerry OS" adding that the VP suggested that we should expect BlackBerry 7 as a likely stepping stone before a full switch.

Talking more to Research In Motion spokespeople at the company's DEVCON event in San Francisco, it's clear the company hasn't formulated a definitive answer on whether QNX and BB OS will be merged.

As for a definitive answer as to will it/won't it, RIM is currently staying quiet.

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More confirmation that QNX coming to BlackBerry smartphones originally appeared on on Wed, 29 Sep 2010 21:41:00 +0100

BlackBerry OS to be Replaced by PlayBook’s Fresh QNX OS

Fresh after hearing that the first BlackBerry tablet, PlayBook was launched we learn that BlackBerry OS will be replaced with the new QNX platform on the slate. This info comes from RIM’s VP and it appears the replacement will take place gradually and BlackBerry 7 will ease users into adopting it. This is a good transition, unlike Microsoft’s decision to cut loose Windows Mobile and go straight with Windows Phone 7.

The QNX solution is really the future for RIM, never a company with an impressive OS till now. The advantages of PlayBook’s OS? Well, it comes with lower power usage, lots of developer platforms supported, rich multimedia (Flash, 3D rendering and more) and support for some BlackBerry OS apps. We’ll see how this transition works and on what models the new OS will be supported…

[via IntoMobile]

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Onkyo Unveils New Win 7 Tablets: TW317A5, TW117A4 and TW217A5

Onkyo Japan has just unveiled three new Windows 7 tablets, the TW117A4, TW217A5 and TW317A5 models. The first two feature 10.1 inch screens, while the latter packs a 11.6 inch display. TW117A4 and TW317A5 rely on Intel Atom N450 CPUs and GMA 3150 graphics, while the third unit takes on Atom Z530 and GMA 500 graphics.

All of the new slates use 1GB RAM, they support WiFi b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. As far as the storage is concerned, TW117A4 relies on a 160 GB HDD, while Onkyo TW217A5 and TW317A5 both feature a 32 GB SSD. These two SSD-based units also come with HDMI output, while the two models with N450 CPUs include 2 USB 2.0 ports (only one for the Z530 device).

Battery life is approximately 6.4 hours for the Onkyo TW117A4, that weighs 0.99 kg, while TW217A5 provides 3.8 hours of functioning time and weighs 850 grams. TW317A5 weighs 1 kg and can function for about 5 hours. No info on pricing or international launches for now.

[via slashgear]

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BlackBerry PlayBook Versus iPad, Galaxy Tab and Dell Streak; Who Wins?

BlackBerry PlayBook promises to not only be an iPad killer, but also the tablet to surpass the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Dell Streak quality-wise. There’s a table below proving the BlackBerry slate’s superiority, not only in the RAM department, but also in the CPU section. As you might already know, the Playbook uses a 1GHz dual core Cortex A9 CPU, more powerful than Apple’s A4 processor, or the Cortex A8 CPU on Galaxy Tab, not to mention the Snapdragon on Dell Streak.

This new device also has the advantage of double the RAM of the Streak and Galaxy Tab and 4 times the memory of the iPad. Its internal storage is a mystery for now and another advantage is the promised 4G connectivity, that will be available on future versions of the PlayBook, while the other tablet models can’t yet provide such a feature.

The cameras are also better, with a 3MP unit upfront and a 5MP one at the rear, making the BlackBerry tablet a quality multimedia device, certainly better than the iPad, that lacks a camera, or the Galaxy Tab, with a mere 3MP cam at the back and a 1.3MP one at the front. Also, this newcomer is pretty slim for its size (7 inch, 0.9 lbs), another advantage in comparison with the rest of the bunch.

RIM wins… till the Notion Ink Adam arrives, at least.

[via Engadget]

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PlayBook trademark not RIM’s in the UK

BlackBerry maker could face naming problems with its tablet
PlayBook trademark not RIM's in the UK

Reports have emerged that suggest that Research In Motion do not own the trademark rights to the PlayBook name in the UK - indicating that the Canadian manufacturer could run into difficulties naming its tablet on this side of the pond.

V3 is reporting that the trademark belongs to media mogul Felix Dennis, owner of Dennis Publishing, who registered the name in 2006.

The report quotes Mark Owen (not the one from Take That unfortunately), of Harbottle & Lewis, who states that RIM would probably already be aware of the issue and may have already taken steps to rectify any problems.

"RIM could have already reached a deal with Felix Dennis or be in discussions to resolve the issue, but the fact that [the trademark] is already taken underlines the constant risk firms face when they introduce products using variations of common words", the IP lawyer said.?

"The fact that RIM's PlayBook has a capital 'B' in the name makes no difference, as the trademark that exists is for the entire word. So anything that is similar or identical could be classed as an infringement".

With the BlackBerry PlayBook not likely to see the light of day for a while yet, we think that RIM will have plenty of time to iron out any issues.

And if not, it could always go with another name. PadBerry anyone?


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PlayBook trademark not RIM's in the UK originally appeared on on Wed, 29 Sep 2010 15:01:00 +0100

Kno Tablet is a Digital Textbook for Students

Kno is a new tablet brand, that recently released an educational slate bearing the same name and incorporating a 14.1 inch display. Aiming at students, this device is called “the super textbook” and allows its users to buy e-textbooks and store them on the tablet. There will also be a dual screen version of the Kno, going for under $1000.

Right now, the slate supports a plastic stylus, used for note-taking and it runs educational apps. We don’t know what OS Kno will run, but it’s likely it’ll be a proprietary platform. Also, it appears that the device will come with a web browser, multimedia playback, but if you’re wondering about hardware specs, these are a mystery right now.

This tablet and its dual screen version will debut before the year, without an actual launch date being mentioned.

[via tgdaily]

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LuvPad AD100 Tegra 2 Slate Postponed

We’ve covered the LuvPad AD100 Tegra 2 Android slate previously and now the device is back, this time with bad news: it’ll be delayed. The fact that this unit will debut at the end of the month makes it lose the advantage of being the first Tegra 2 tablet to hit the market, which is pretty sad for its maker.

It’ll debut in Japan with a $474 price tag and the following specs, that, of course don’t include Android Market support:

Display: 10.1 inch, 1024 x 600 pixels, capacitive multitouch
OS: Android 2.2
Memory: 512MB RAM, 8GB flash storage, microSD card slot
Connectivity: WiFi, mini USB, HDMI output

[via Ubergizmo]

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Dell prepares 10-inch tablet to follow 7-incher

First 5, then 7, now 10....when will it end?
Dell prepares 10-inch tablet to follow 7-incher

Following Michael Dell's announcement last week that his company would be releasing a 7-inch tablet to follow up the 5-inch Dell Streak, reports now suggest that a 10-inch offering could also be on the horizon.

The Wall Street Journal quotes Dell Greater China president Amit Midha, who said that a "whole slew" of Dell tablets would be arriving in the next 6-12 months including the 10-inch version, as well as smaller 3 and 4-inch devices.

Regarding the 7-inch tablet that the Dell boss demoed, Midha said: "It was showed off at Oracle World by Michael last week and we'll be launching very, very soon - within the next few weeks".

"In fact, very much in the near future we'll be launching the seven-inch tablet as well as the additional three-inch product".

Midha confirmed that the 7-incher would be an Android model, but stated that the company may also use Microsoft operating systems on some of the other devices.


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Dell prepares 10-inch tablet to follow 7-incher originally appeared on on Wed, 29 Sep 2010 12:52:00 +0100