2010: A year in review, March

Samsung Galaxy S announced, Freeview HD arrives and Apple confirms iPad launch date
2010: A year in review, March

It'll soon be 2011, but before we start gearing up for another big year of tech, which kicks off in January with the Las Vegas-based tech show CES, lets take a look at the highlights from the last 12 months.

Although news can be a little thin on the ground after the excesses of CES and the early-year Apple annoucements, March brought us CeBit - the international computer show in Hanover, Germany which was home to plenty of new and exciting bits and pieces. Highlights of the show included the next-generation Asus Eee PCs as well as the meaty Acer Aspire One 752 multimedia netbook.

March also brought us the Focus on Imaging show in Birmingham, England, where we managed to get up close and personal with the impressive Panasonic G2, Sony's entry-level Alpha 450 DSLR and Nikon's new flaghship compact - the Coolpix S8000, among others.

It was also around this time that we saw the UK debut of the world's smallest, thinnest, lightest Full HD camera in the form of Sanyo's Xacti VPC-CS1, while Archos added two models to its range of Android-powered portable media players - the Archos 7 and Archos 8.

The country began to gear up for general election fever with the Conservative party launching a dedicated iPhone app. In other app new, we saw the introduction of an official iPlayer client for BlackBerry. Meanwhile, the arrival of the service on all of Humax's Freesat boxes made the BBC's catch-up offering even stronger.

Google continued its march towards tech world dominance with the acquisition of online image editor Picnik. Tech bigwig Apple announced that it was suing HTC for patent infringement relating to the user interface, architecture and hardware of the iPhone. Steve Jobs and co also confirmed that the iPad would be launching in the US on 3 April and making its UK debut later in that month.

In March we found out that Micro Four Thirds cameras from the likes of Panasonic and Olympus were starting to make a sizeable dent in the sales figures of DSLR models.? We also found out that the Android Market app store had reached 30,000 apps and was continuing to grow fast. But the mobile news wasn't limited to apps, we also saw the unveiling of Samsung's major new smartphone - the Galaxy S.

The third month of 2010 also saw revamped classic arcade beat 'em up Street Fighter IV making its debut on the iPhone app store. We also got the nod as to what Sony's motion-based gaming system would be called when the manufacturer officially unveiled the PlayStation Move. We also heard word that Batman: Arkham Asymlum had been named as Best Game at the 2010 games Baftas, while Nintendo announced that a 3D-enabled version of its DS handheld games console would be on sale in 2011.

Rupert Murdoch shocked us all with his Scrooge-like decision to start charging for online access to The Times and The Sunday Times with the paywall charging users ?1 for a day's access and ?2 for a week for the British paper that had previously been free. While Murdoch was making us pay, we saw the official launch of subscription-free high-def TV service, Freeview HD.

Although we're not all flying around on hover boards just yet, we took at look at the futuristic tech from Back to the Future II to see which space-age contraptions have already made it into our lives - you'd be surprised. As part of our Future Week we also gazed into our crystal ball to see what the big tech stories would be in 2015.

And finally, we reported on a crafty Star Wars fan who crocheted a set of characters as Amigurumis. Not exactly earth-shattering tech news, but we loved the story all the same. We also celebrated the 25th birthday of Symbolics.com - the very first domain to be registered in the web and we also blew out the candles for broadband in the UK, which celebrated its 10th birthday. March also saw TomTom starting its Facebook campaign to get Brian Blessed on board as one of the voices for its satnav products.

For a closer look at these events and the rest of March take a look at our weekly round-ups from the month or head straight to the archive itself.

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