Toshiba 11.6 inch Windows 7 Tablet Powered by Oak Trail CPU, Coming Soon?

Sadly Toshiba is not quite a brand we look at when purchasing tablets, specially because of the flop called Toshiba Folio 100, pulled from shops later year. Flash playback issues were to be blamed, but the company looks for a comeback this year, thanks to a new 11.6 inch slate, according to speculations.

The new device is supposed to be powered by an Intel Atom CPU from the Oak Trail generation, while the OS of choice for the tablet will be Windows 7. HD playback is also among the specs, via HDMI and the entire unit will weigh around 1.9 pounds, not so heavy when compared to the iPad. Will this device also get an Android unit, since Win 7 is not exactly the most tablet-friendly OS?

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