HP TouchPad: The accessories

The extras that you'll want and need
HP TouchPad: The accessories

So you’re excited about the new HP TouchPad, enough that you’ve already put it on your shopping list for when it comes later in the year and now you want to accessorise. Don’t panic, HP has heard your cries for extras already and is currently stocking three items to fix you up above and beyond the, no doubt, thousands of cases and third-party accessories you’re going to get offered.

The HP TouchPad Touchstone

When the Palm Pre first launched it came with a touchshsone charging station that many at the time called “magical”. Basically it was a slanted block of electronics that you placed the Pre on and it started charging, saving you having to plug anything in.

Move on a couple of years to the HP TouchPad and that stone like accessory is now a full on charging stand so you can use your TouchPad at the same time.

“Place TouchPad on Touchstone and it charges automatically,” claims HP.

HP TouchPad Case

You’ve got to have a HP made case haven’t you? For HP that means something dark and broody that doubles as a stand for watching videos or typing.

The blurb on the palm site says that you’ll be able to charge the device right in the case, but it doesn’t make it clear whether that’s through a cable or the Touchstone charger.

HP TouchPad Keyboard

Rather than opt for a clunky docking station keyboard like Apple did with the iPad, HP has announced you’ll be able to get a wireless keyboard designed specifically for the TouchPad.

It’s black, it’s sleek, and judging from the press shots has dedicated keys specifically for the TouchPad; like rotating the screen at the touch of a button.?

HP Pre 3

Of course the ultimate accessory for the HP TouchPad is the Pre 3, especially if you want to use the funky new NFC feature within the two devices that lets you share information between the two.

Having the two devices will mean that you’ll be able to “Easily share a URL with your Pre3?simply by tapping them together,” says HP. It also means you’ll be able to receive text messages and answer phone calls on your TouchPad, in a similar way to the BlackBerry PlayBook.?If that isn't enough to justify going completely HP, then the idea that you can “Start reading a website or blog on a TouchPad and then tap your smartphone to take it to go,” might just swing it for you.

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HP TouchPad: The accessories    HP TouchPad: The accessories   

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