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iPad 2 Accompanying New MacBooks in Launch Event Next Month?

New MacBooks with SSD storage and Sandy Trail chipsets will be unveiled sometime in the next month, according to a source in New Zeeland, but what’s really interesting is that we might also see the iPad 2 taking off in the same time frame. Apple could use the MacBook launch event to unveil the new [...]

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iPad 2 Coming In Weeks From Now?

Believe it or not, with the current avalanche of tablets shown at CES, some of them even running Android 3.0, Apple is surely thinking about doing something to stop the flood. An idea would be letting the iPad 2 go loose ASAP, which is exactly what Kevin Rose is saying. February 1 is considered the [...]

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Apple iPad 2 Concept Borrows Heavily From the iPhone 4 Design

Since there’s no trace of the iPad 2 in the news, we’ll settle with concepts, like the iPad 2 design created by Joy Studios. This slate runs iOS 4.2 and uses the same diagonal for its screen as the first iPad. The device’s design is inspired by the iPhone 4, so this iPad 2 is [...]

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