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iPad 2 Live Pictures Uncovered in China; Real Deal or Mockup?

The series of iPad 2 leaks continues with some fresh images coming from China, hours before the debut of the device. There’s no telling if these images show the real product or simply a mockup, but they sure fit the rumors we’ve been hearing till now. As you can see, the device is slimmer than [...]

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iPad 2 Pictures Leak! Here’s the Device!

We’re only days away from the March 2nd Apple event meant to announce the new iPad officially and already we’re dealing with leaks. What you see below are fresh images of the iPad 2 slate, showing off the design of the device and comparing it to the predecessor. Apple seems to have flattened out the [...]

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iPad 2 Mockup Shows Up at CES

Since the next-gen iPad should be launching in January, it’s time for those leaks to start pouring and this has just happened, at CES 2011. An iPad 2 mockup surfaced in Las Vegas and this is a pretty detailed unit we’re dealing with and not the first to appear during the show. It comes with [...]

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iPad 2 Design Detailed: New Case, Wide-Range Speakers

Japanese blog macotakara recently published new details on the iPad 2, quoting a mysterious Chinese source. Apparently, the device’s case will feature design changes specially in comparison with the current model. It’ll measure 239mm x 186mm, a bit smaller than the first iPad. Also, the tablet’s back side will be flat instead of convex, like [...]

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Apple iPad 2 Concept Borrows Heavily From the iPhone 4 Design

Since there’s no trace of the iPad 2 in the news, we’ll settle with concepts, like the iPad 2 design created by Joy Studios. This slate runs iOS 4.2 and uses the same diagonal for its screen as the first iPad. The device’s design is inspired by the iPhone 4, so this iPad 2 is [...]

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