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Samsung Galaxy Tab Available Now on AT&T!

As we said it would, Samsung Galaxy Tab has finally reached AT&T, with its hot 7 inch touchscreen and Android 2.2 on board. This 1GHz slate is already familiar to most of you, since it’s been available in Europe for a while, through most major carriers and retail chains. The AT&T version retails for $649.99, [...]

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AT&T to Sell Samsung Galaxy Tab With Pay-As-You-Go Monthly Data Plans

AT&T and Samsung have just announced that they’ll start offering the Galaxy Tab slate from Sunday, Nov. 21 with pay-as-you-go monthly data plans. The product will cost $649.99 and it’ll be available in over 2,200 AT&T locations and online over here. You get two pay-as-you-go data plan options for the device: a $14.99 one for [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab to Reach Sprint, Verizon and AT&T?

We’ve recently spotted a list of Samsung Galaxy Tab’s brandings for carriers all across the world and they also included AT&T. Now, the Wall Street Journal is claiming that the slate might also reach Verizon and Sprint, as well, supporting their statement with sources from inside the industry. Apparently, we could see GSM, CDMA and [...]

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