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Kindle and iPad dominated Christmas stockings

YouGov data reveals trends
Kindle and iPad dominated Christmas stockings

It seems that the UK had itself a merry Kindle Christmas, with Amazon's massively successful ebook reader being the most gifted tech-based product.

A staggering one in every 40 adults in Britain woke up to find an ebook reader under the tree on Christmas morning, with a whopping 92 per cent of these being of the Kindle variety. That's a staggering 1.22 million new Kindles, and 1.33 million ebook readers in total.

And it's women who were the main recipients, with 61 per cent of Kindles received by them. Silver surfers are also getting in on the Kindle revolution, with over 55s twice as likely as 18-24 year olds to get one.

The data was estimated following a YouGov survey of 2,012 adults and Marek Vaygelt, head of technology and telecoms consulting at the company said: "This is finally the year when the late-medieval technology of the printing press was challenged by a 21st Century, digital alternative.?

"Amazon has done a remarkable job of selling the benefits of ereaders and the upside for the publishing industry is that it appears ereader owners, at least in the early days, buy more ebooks than the printed books they purchased before acquiring an ereader."

Tablets also featured pretty highly on the Christmas pressie front with 640,000 of them gifted. Not surprisingly, the iPad dominated - with 72 per cent of the share. Again, women were the main receivers.

We'd suggest that women are taking the initiative in the world of tech, but a more likely story is that men were practising the well-tuned art of giving something that you'd like to receive yourself.

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11 hottest gadgets to look forward to in 2012

Time to start saving
11 hottest gadgets to look forward to in 2012. Phones, Tablets, Televisions, Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Nintendo, Nintendo Wii U, Amazon Kindle Fire, PS Vita, Sony, iPhone 5, iPad 3, Samsung Galaxy S III, Apple TV, Ultrabooks, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Microsoft, Intel, Features, Asus, Asus Transformer Prime 0

The start of a new year means the chance to get excited about another batch of gadgets that will come our way over the next 12 months.

There will be hundreds of gadgets, loads of phones and tablets, and even more cameras to tickle our interest. This time next year you might have a completely different phone than you do now, a new games console, or even a new computer.

While some are still hidden from us waiting to appear like a jack-in-the-box we already know some that will be gracing the shop shelves in the coming months ahead.

Here at the start of the year are the ones we are waiting for:

PlayStation Vita

Due out in February in the UK and the US, the PlayStation Vita will be Sony's return to the handheld space in an attempt to fend off the continual rise of the smartphone and the tablet. But will a dedicated 5-inch handheld gaming console be enough to tackle the Samsung Galaxy devices and Apple iPads of this world? Sony certainly hopes so and we get to find out in a month's time.?

Read more on the PlayStation Vita

iPhone 5

iPhone gossip dominated 2011 and there is nothing to suggest that it won't dominate proceedings until Apple reveals an iPhone 5, possibly in September 2012 - the rumours have already started.

iPhone 5 concept

If the fanboys felt cheated out of the new device with the reveal of the iPhone 4S, imagine how they will feel if Apple skips 2012 altogether. Remember there was a 16-month launch cycle between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Ouch.

Read more on the iPhone 5

iPad 3

The iPad 2 was launched at the start of 2011 and the year before saw the launch of the iPad in 2010. Taking that launch pattern as gospel, we should see an iPad 3 launched and in shops in the first couple of months of 2012.

In reality Apple has, of course, said nothing, confirmed nothing, and acknowledged nothing.

Still, that hasn't stopped rumours flowing out of "those familiar with the matter" and "sources close to the product" as if it was champagne at a New Year's Eve party.

If you are to believe all the gossip, Apple will launch a third iPad, called the iPad 3, that will have a faster processor and higher resolution. If you really believe everything you read, and we recommend you don't, there will also be a 7-inch version too.

Read more on the iPad 3

Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S II was one of the biggest phones of 2011 winning numerous awards, including Phone of the Year in the 8th Pocket-lint Gadget Awards, and ending up in many people's pockets.

Since then Samsung has launched the more powerful Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Google. That combined with the launch of Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, means that the Samsung Galaxy S II is now looking old. Rumours have it that the SGS III will be faster, quicker, and more powerful than you can possibly imagine.?

Expect a February Mobile World Congress 2012 reveal.

Read more on the Samsung Galaxy S III


Intel is throwing a lot of weight behind the MacBook Air challenger and with plenty of support from Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo and others like LG and HP. Expect there to be plenty of Ultrabook announcements over the next 12 months. Your next laptop is going to be thin.

Read more on Ultrabooks

Apple TV

Not that Apple TV, but the other one, currently dubbed iTV. If that doesn't make it even more confusing then here is the lowdown.

Apple is, if rumours become true, expected to launch a television that has the power of its Apple TV set top box within, which should revolutionise the television industry the same way it changed the mobile phone market. The bonus, however, is that Apple already has an army of users with devices (iPhones and iPads) eager to connect via AirPlay.

The TVs, currently rumoured to be 32 or 37 inches in size, might also have Siri support so you can talk to your TV, with it possibly moving into your kitchen before gunning for your living room in 2013.

Read more on Apple TV

Nintendo Wii U

Shown off at the E3 gaming trade show in LA in June 2011, The Wii U is the follow-up to the hugely successful Wii console and hopes to revitalise Nintendo's fortunes in 2012.

The console promises to be more powerful than the current Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as include a tablet-like controller.?Nintendo has said that the Wii U will be launched some time in 2012.?

Read more on the Nintendo Wii U

Windows 8

Expected at the tail end of 2012, Windows 8 will promise a wrath of new features and excitement for Windows users on their PC.

From the early public preview, that has already been made available, expect a two-pronged computer and tablet attack. 2012 is the year Microsoft tries to crack the tablet market once again.

Read more on Windows 8

Windows Phone 8 (Apollo)

We've already started to hear rumblings of Windows Phone 8 and the new features it will add. If, like other product life-cycles, Microsoft follows suit with updates to its mobile phone operating system, we will see an announcement in February with a roll out of the new features to the general public in October 2012.

Even better, with a new OS will come new phones from the likes of Nokia, Samsung, LG, and HTC hopefully.

Read more on Windows Phone 8

Kindle Fire in the UK

The Kindle Fire has already launched in the US, but could 2012 see the launch of the colour tablet from Amazon in the UK? Rumours suggest so, but it is also worth bearing in mind that Amazon took over 2 years to get the Kindle from the US to the UK.

Sadly, Amazon hasn't officially said when or if it will be launching the Kindle Fire internationally.

Read more on the Amazon Kindle Fire

Asus Transformer Prime

Due to go on sale in the next couple of weeks, if not days, the Asus Transformer Prime is the follow up to the Transformer Prime launched in 2011.?

The Honeycomb (Asus have promised it will be getting an Ice Cream Sandwich update) tablet packs a powerful punch with its Nvidia quad-core processor and means it will dominate proceedings for the rest of the year when it comes to Android tablet competitors.?

You can read our review of the new Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime?when we got to play with it extensively in 2011.?

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11 hottest gadgets to look forward to in 2012. Phones, Tablets, Televisions, Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Nintendo, Nintendo Wii U, Amazon Kindle Fire, PS Vita, Sony, iPhone 5, iPad 3, Samsung Galaxy S III, Apple TV, Ultrabooks, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Microsoft, Intel, Features, Asus, Asus Transformer Prime 1  11 hottest gadgets to look forward to in 2012. Phones, Tablets, Televisions, Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Nintendo, Nintendo Wii U, Amazon Kindle Fire, PS Vita, Sony, iPhone 5, iPad 3, Samsung Galaxy S III, Apple TV, Ultrabooks, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Microsoft, Intel, Features, Asus, Asus Transformer Prime 4 

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Year in review 2011: August

Tron, trolleys and phones
Year in review 2011: August. Sky, Sky Go, Tablets, Apple, iPad, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Anonymous, HTC, HP, TouchPad, Xbox, Microsoft, Xbox 360, iPhone 4, LG, Galaxy Nexus, Sony, Sony NEX-7, Sony NEX-5N, Features, Year in Review 0

Of all the stories that broke in August the one that really got people talking was that tech superstar Steve Jobs would be resigning from Apple, to be replaced by CEO Tim Cook. It was one of the most important stories to break this year apart from of course his death.?

August was also a rather significant month for the mobile, with the usual iPhone rumours being backed up with leaks from the likes of HTC and of course the awesome TouchPad fire sale from HP.

Year in Review:

January February March April
May June July August
September? October November December


Sky Go launches in trolley form

Sky Go, the tablet friendly version of everyones favourite Murdoch powered tv empire, made an appearance in supermarket trolleys across the country. Sainsbury's teamed up with Sky to bring iPads and the app to a selection of its shopping trolleys. More a PR stunt than anything, but we didn't mind, anything to keep the weekly shop more exciting.?Read More

Stephen Fry doesn't place the iPhone as his favourite gadget

Apple obsessed Fry hosted a show this year called 100 greatest gadgets which you would have expected the iPhone to top. It didn't, instead Fry rather strangely chose the lighter as the most important piece of gadgetry in history. It might not have made sense at first but after his explanation it became clear the all knowing Fryster knew what he was talking about.?Read More

Gamer goes for 1 million Xbox points

Even beginning to comprehend how many hours you would need to pour into Xbox gaming in order to acquire this number of points hurts our head. 1 million Xbox points would require a platinum trophy on just about every title available on the console. Or to be more precise, 900 complete play throughs.?Read More

iTunes Match arrives in iOS 5

iTunes Match made its first appearance for iOS 5 developers in August. Acting like a clean slate for piracy fans and a cheap mans answer to Spotify, the ?21 per year service was set to revolutionise the way people used iTunes.?Read More

HP TouchPad has a fire sale

The little tablet that never quite was, the HP TouchPad, went on sale for just ?89 in August. The resultant rush for tablet buying had even the Pocket-lint gang arguing over who got what. Websites crashed, stock flew off the shelves and eBay immediately filled with TouchPads picked up by crafty shoppers.?Read More

HTC Vigor leaked pics

HTC picked up Beats Audio licensing this year which left audio fans waiting for a new handset with the headphones included. This was eventually to arrive in the form of the Sensation XE and XL, but rumour town kept us excited with the HTC Vigor.?Read More

LG announces 2D to 3D app converter

The LG Optimus 3D might have initially seemed like a bit of a gimmick, especially given the lack of apps optimised for glasses free 3D. LG hoped to change all this with its clever 2D to 3D app converter, which could turn conventional gaming into the third?dimension.?Read More

Schmidt says Google TV is coming to UK

Despite practically falling flat on its face at launch, Google's Eric Schmidt continued to insist that Google TV would launch in the UK. Yet to truly materialise over on British shores, the service keeps on getting cheaper in the US.?Read More

Samsung leaks Galaxy Nexus

The Galaxy Nexus we now know as the the flagship Android handset available. It was however just an apple in Samsung's eye at this point, small enough for them to accidentally leak it out to the general public. Oops thought Samsung and immediately tried to keep things quiet, it was however too late, the Android fans had rallied and the seeds of excitement were sown.?Read More

Steve Jobs resigns

In what would be the prelude to the story of the year, Steve Jobs, an icon in the technology world, stepped down as CEO of Apple. Replaced by Tim Cook, who would later appear at the iPhone 4S launch, Jobs resigning left many worried what direction Apple would take.?Read More

Tron made with duct tape

Tron Legacy re-ignited our love of the lightcycle. It was however nothing on the original, which at least featured proper light trails. Thankfully advertisers recreated the joys of the original, in an ad campaign that was surely destined to go viral.?Read More

Sony Nex-7 and Nex-5n cameras land

The original Sony NEX was a bit of a misnomer in the camera world, being thinner than a compact but with a proper interchangeable lens system. It just didn't quite perform or feel right in the hand. Thankfully Sony nailed it second time round with the NEX-5n and NEX-7, both of which would outperform most other cameras in its category.?Read More

8GB iPhone 4 coming soon?

A cheaper iPhone 4 would make sense, particularly given the now more powerful iPhone 4S has been released. Dropping memory would also reduce cost, hence the 8GB iPhone 4 rumours, which had everyone who couldn't quite afford the Apple hardware in August convinced they would be getting a cheaper one soon.?Read More

HP dumps WebOS

As quick as the TouchPad went on sale and HP's brand new product line up dropped in price, the company dropped WebOS. Massively underrated, it just came too late and into a market that was just too competitive. Shame, as WebOS deserved to succeed.?Read More

Minecraft Pocket Edition hits Android Market

Minecraft, the king of indie games, arrived on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play as an exclusive. It was for a while strictly reserved for Play owners. Eventually the app hit the Android Market and the rest of us could enjoy the delights of its cube-based world.?Read More

Samsung Galaxy Tab banned in OZ

The lawsuits continued between Samsung, Apple and chums. The majority of the time it was Cupertino that emerged victorious and in this case, they even managed to get a sale ban on the Galaxy Tab in Australia.?Read More

Apple biggest company in the world

Apple managed to top even the likes of Exxon-Mobil as the biggest company in the world. Despite retaining a minority share of the smartphone market, its iPhone, iPad and Mac computers ensured that the company would become the financial king of the tech world.?Read More

Nokia N9 gets a UK release

The great smartphone inbetweener, the Nokia N9, went on general release in the UK. Powered by MeeGo, the OS that never was, it signalled the end for Nokia and its non WP7 handsets.?Read More

Anonymous threatens to close down Facebook

Remember what Zuckerberg said in The Social Network? "We don't break down ... ever". Well Anonymous appeared to think differently and threatened to close down the website. They didn't ...?Read More

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Motorola Xoom 2 Available in the UK, Priced at 329 Quid

You must know by now that Motorola Xoom 2 has been available in two versions in the States, a 10.1 incher and an 8.2 inch Media Edition. Well, the slates have arrived in the UK now, where the 10.1 inch Xoom 2 goes for 399 quid, while the 8.2 inch Xoom 2 is selling for 329 pounds. Expansys and Amazon are the places where you’ll find the gadgets.

Both tablets feature dual core processors at 1.2 GHz and Android 3.2 Honeycomb as the operating system. You must know that these tablets are called Droid Xyboard in the USA and that the 10.1 inch unit weighs lighter than the iPad 2, at 599 grams. The new and bigger Xoom supports a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, it relies on TI OMAP 4 processing power, uses 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory. The lack of a memory card slot seems to be pissing off people on Amazon, where they’re commenting against the product.

The Xoom 2 comes with a 5 megapixel camera, a front 1.3 megapixel camera and support for MotoCast streaming of content. Expect to find the product on Clove as well, apart from Amazon and Expansys. I’m having a hard time believing that this product is worth your while, especially with the Amazon Kindle Fire coming to the UK soon…

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ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime Coming to the UK in January, Priced at 499 Quid

ASUS has just confirmed for the folks of Pocket Lint that it will be launched the Transformer Prime tablet with quad core CPU in the UK in January. The device will debut with a price tag of 499 quid and this amount will also include the keyboard dock, so that’s an incredible offer. I say incredible, because this keyboard+tablet combo offers you about 18 hours of functioning time.

Keep in mind that the Asian company won’t offer the tablet and keyboard separately, so that’s the deal you have to make. There’s no telling if there will ever be a 3G version of the Transformer Prime in the UK or anywhere in the world. This quad core Tegra 3 tablet will come in Champagne Gold or Amethyst Grey when it debuts in January in the UK. This device looks like a hot gadget for 2012, with the quad core action and all, but keep in mind that it’s more than double the price of the Amazon Kindle Fire and who needs quad core after all?

Well, at least the new slate can run 4K video, if that interests you… Of course, you may want to hold on to your pennies for the devices showcased at CES 2012 and MWC 2012, that will include quad core slates from HTC and Samsung too.

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime release UK: January, ?499

Official: Priced and dated
Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime release UK: January, £499. Tablets, Asus, Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime 0

Asus has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it will be launching the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime in the UK for a price of ?499. It will be on sale in January.

The price will not only include the tablet, but in perhaps a surprise move, also the laptop dock.?Asus has told Pocket-lint that the company will not, as previously speculated, be offering the tablet separately from the dock.

The decision to only sell the pair together is based on sales for the previous laptop dock that was designed to work with the original Asus Eee Pad Transformer released earlier in 2011.?

Pocket-lint can also confirm that the company only has plans to release the Wi-Fi model in the UK at present.?Asus will not be releasing a 3G version of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime in the UK.

The new Tegra 3 powered tablet will come in two colours, Champagne Gold or Amethyst Grey, and be on sale in the UK in January.?

Although the Eee Pad Transformer Prime looks to be a hot tablet for 2012, it is priced above many current Android rivals, which may deter potential buyers. Of course, you should check out our full Asus Eee Pad Transfomer Prime review?and see how we got on playing the latest games and whether the new tablet really can run 4K video. ?

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Kindle Fire software update to fix US issues – great news for UK release

Performance and UI improvements
Kindle Fire software update to fix US issues - great news for UK release

Amazon has responded to negative user comments by promising a software update for its Kindle Fire tablet in the next 2 weeks.

Since launch, it is believed that the device has sold well, with Amazon claiming that it has had to reorder stock already, but much of the feedback posted on the product’s listing page has consisted of complaints related to performance and user interface issues.

Some of those point at hardware issues that aren’t addressable, such as the on/off switch placement making it easy to accidentally power down the tablet, and the lack of external volume controls, however it is expected that there will be many improvements to the general running and usability.

And the best news for UK Fire fans is that these changes are likely to be implemented before the device is launched over here, early in 2012. We may be getting it late, but at least we’ll be getting a road-tested and improved version.

As reported in the New York Times, the update will be available soon, and the process will be simple: "In less than two weeks, we’re rolling out an over-the-air update to Kindle Fire," said company spokesperson, Drew Herdener.

That should appease a whole load of owners. Analysts believe that, in this quarter alone, Amazon will have sold around three to five million Kindle Fires.

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Clove UK Begins Presales for Transformer Prime, Expected to Ship in January

This image has no alt text

While we are still a bit of ways away from an eventual ASUS Transformer Prime launch, UK users can stake their claim to one at online retailer Clove. They’re offering two different variants of the device – one with a keyboard (32GB) and one without a keyboard (64GB), both for £550.80 including VAT. Head to the previous links to check out this quad-core Tegra 3 beast. [Clove via Droid Dog]


UK not Android app-crazed says Google

App downloading not so popular
UK not Android app-crazed says Google. Phones, Tablets, Apps, Android apps, Android, infographics 0

Earlier this week Google announced that Android customers around the world have downloaded more than 10 billion apps. But the big news is that UK fandroids don't appear to be all that Android "App-crazed".

According to a new Google infograph that delves further into the 10 billion download figure, the UK is not in the top 10 Android downloaders on a per capita basis.

The result is surprising given that figures from analyst Kantar ComTech back in October, who suggested that in just 18 months Android had become the mobile OS powering just under half of all smartphones sold in the UK.

The infograph states the top 5 consisting of a South East Asia dominance, with just the USA from outside the region figuring in 4th place. South Korea, home of LG and Samsung; Hong Kong; Taiwan, home of HTC and Acer; and Singapore take the top spots with Sweden, Israel, Denmark, Netherlands and Norway completing the 10.

There's no indication as to where the UK sits but, with over half the UK population now said to be rocking a smartphone, and half of those pocketing Android devices, we would have expected to see our name mentioned.

Maybe we're just not as app crazy as the Norwegians?

Google's infograph also states that the most common type of apps downloaded are games at over one in four of all downloads.


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Amazon Kindle Fire Getting Launched in the UK in January

The Amazon Kindle Fire might be a hot item in the USA, but what about the rest of the world? The device prepares to take on the global market starting with the UK, that might see it launched locally in January 2012. The info comes from Know Your Mobile, that quotes a pretty solid source.

No specific date, pricing or content/media available with the slate were mentioned. Current estimations for the Kindle Fire shipments stand at 6 million for the following months, so success is pretty much sure. After all a $200 7 inch tablet sounds good, no matter the specs. In this case they are quite decent, with a dual core CPU included, as well as 8GB of storage and some more space for storing stuff in the cloud.

If you ignore the lack of camera, 3G and GPS this product is pretty nifty, especially with the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich port on it. Analysts see the Kindle Fire as the Android tablet to rule them all in the following year and the first major problem for Apple, provided that Cupertino doesn’t find a way to sue Amazon…

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