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iPad 3 Confirmed to Feature Retina Display, According to LG Display CEO

It seems the LG Display CEO has more info about the iPad 3 display than the average mortal… That’s a certain indication of the stage that Apple and LG’s talks are in and Samsung is probably yet again closer to stop working with Apple because of their recent disputes.

The Korea Times is reporting that Young Soo Kwon, LG Display CEO claimed that a number of smartphone makers will launch new models of devices based on LG’s Retina Display. What’s more important, the CEO said that this type of screen is being used on iPhones and iPads. Major oups? Right now this technology is only used on the iPhone 4 and we all expect a new and improved iPad from Apple with a new screen, so this might be it.

Speculations say the iPad 3 could come in September with the iPhone 5 and incorporating a Retina Display on the new slate would truly be a game changer for Apple, that’s starting to lose market to Android tablets. Will the new model be called iPad HD or iPad Pro as we’ve heard?

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Apple Testing 2048 x 1536 Pixel iPad 3 Displays From Samsung and LG

The Korea Times has an interesting story, telling us that Samsung and LG are considered as candidates for making the display of the iPad 3. It appears that Apple is already testing solutions from both companies, in order to decide which screen to use. They aim at producing a display with a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution.

Also, the new panel will provide 4:3 aspect ratio and full HD viewing experience. Back in January there were already theories about such a display, coming from DigiTimes and research firm IDC, claiming that the next-gen iPad will get a high-res screen. Korea Times bases its info on inside sources, that are close to the deal between Apple and Samsung/LG.

The new panels are being tested right now in laboratories in China and we’re curios if Samsung and LG will share the glory of if only one of them will get the change to work with Apple on the iPad 3. Some say the new iPad will get the equivalent of a Retina Display, while other hint at Super AMOLED Plus technology. Which one will it be?

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Third Gen Apple Tablet Called the iPad HD?

This week we’ve heard that the next-gen iPad could be called the iPad 2 plus, instead of simply the iPad 3 and now we have another name for the product: iPad HD. The reason behind this name could be a display with a huge resolution, just like recent speculations have said.

This is my next is claiming that the iPad HD will feature a screen with a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution, double the current pixels on the iPad 2. This move is quite a logical one, since the iPhone 4 also doubled the resolution of the iPhone 3GS when it came out (960 x 640 compared to 480 x 320). The iPad HD could do the same thing and this double resolution could mean that developers will find it tough to make apps for the new tablet.

However, it seems that this iPad model will be a “pro” version of the iPad 2 and not the iPad 3… This model will be aimed at a high end market, although that seems less likely. Supposedly, the new iPhone will be announced at the same time with the iPad HD and it will most likely feature a dual core CPU. September is the month when we might witness both announcements.

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New iPad Might not be the iPad 3 After All…

We all know that Apple is already working on a successor for the iPad 2, but it appears that this model might not be called the iPad 3, after all. The info comes from analyst Craig Berger and FBR Capital Markets, through a research note.

The usual supply chain is used as the source and we now know that the product could be called the iPad 2 Plus. No production schedule was mentioned and if this name is real, than some employees from China are going to jail again for leaks, most likely. The deal here is that an iPad 2 Plus will be more of an upgrade to the iPad 2, instead of a total revamp.

Thus, it’s not fit to call a minor upgrade the iPad 3, considering the tiny difference between the new model and its predecessor. This wouldn’t be the first time that Apple chooses to launch a minor revamp of a product, as this happened with the iPhone 3GS, serving as the upgrade for the 3G model. Meanwhile, the company was working on the truly new iPhone 4…

In the end it’s the product that matters and not the name, right?

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iPad 3 Blue Concept Supposedly Features 3D Display, Quad Core CPU

Some say that the iPad 3 will come this fall, meaning that it will most likely be a tiny upgrade to the iPad 2. However, if it comes in 2012, Apple will have enough time to implement on it all the new technology they want. It could be a 3D display, or a quad core Apple A6 processor, but who knows, really?

Meanwhile, we have a look at the mockup below, only to find that it’s very much like the iPhone 5 rumors, since this iPad 3 sports an edge to edge display and lacks a home button. The 3D icons look really nice and such a tridimensional display would make gaming and video watching an incredible experience.

I’d be happy with a Retina Display on the next iPad or even an AMOLED one, but let’s see if Samsung doesn’t decided to keep those for itself…

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Apple iPad 3 Coming in Q4? Impressive Resolution Rumored

The last time that the upcoming iPad was in the news, it had us convinced that it was coming in 2012. Well, now it turns out that the device might come in Q4 instead of next year. One should remember that the iPad 2 was released merely 3 months ago, so it’s far from an aged product.

A report published by Reuters recently, quoting Taiwanese site Economic Daily says that Apple will be launching the iPad 3 in the fourth quarter of 2011. What’s really important in this report is the fact that the new tablet is supposed to have a very impressive resolution: 5-6 times higher than the one of the second iPad.

Considering that the first iPad and its follow-up both adopt a 9.7 inch 1024 x 768 pixel screen, the new resolution should be around 2400 x 1600 after a quick calculus. If we take into account the pixel density of such a tablet (about 297 PPI), it will still be lower than the one of the iPhone 4, that is 326 PPI.

This means that a Retina Display on the future iPad might solve all problems, but we need to more about the screen involved, before we give a verdict. A camera upgrade is also expected on the iPad 3 as well as an even thinner design.

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Apple Harassed by Samsung?! So they Say, Regarding the Requirement to View the iPad 3, iPhone 5

Remember when Apple and Samsung played the game “you show me yours, I’ll show you mine” legal game? Well, after they met in court regarding the copying of each other’s devices, Apple was granted permission to view Samsung’s future products. Meanwhile, Samsung started proceedings to also get a similar permission.

However, instead of revealing the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 to the South Korean giant, Apple called them “copyists” in legal documents and complained of harassment. Well, tough luck for Samsung, then, especially if they DID show Apple their future devices. Apple would rather go bankrupt than show its future wonderkids to anyone but its partners, who are sworn in regarding confidentiality.

Maybe next time?

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iPad 3D Prototype Shown at Display Taiwan (Video)

While we’re still waiting for the first leaks concerning the iPad 3, a prototype of a 3D display iPad 2 was showcased at Display Taiwan. This is a glasses-free 3D unit, that’s very thin and still manages to fit a tridimensional screen inside.

The video demo below shows how the device works and this is most likely what Apple is going for in the next iPad iterations. Supposedly, the iPad 3 will sport an AMOLED screen, brighter than the average screen and also with less power usage. As an extra its resolution will surpass the 1024 x 768 one from the iPad 2, so this means a high pixel density.

However, we have no clue if the iPad 3 will adopt a 3D screen or not, although it would be a welcome addition, especially since LG already has a 3D tablet out there.

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iOS 5 Hints at iPad 3, With 3G World Connectivity

A new iOS is a perfect way to discover hints regarding the future generation of iPad and iPhone. For now, we only have a bit of info about the iPad 3, dug out of iOS 5 by the guys familiar with such matters. The developer build made available this week has hints regarding a possible world 3G version of the third gen iPad.

TUAW sources found references to a mystery iPad 3.1 and iPad 3.2 in the USB device files of the iOS 5 developer build. Meanwhile, the iOS 4.3 only referred to three versions of the second iPad: iPad 2,1, iPad 2,2, iPad 2,3. Each of these models became a version of the iPad 2: the WiFi, GSM and CDMA one, respectively.

We must mention that such a reference is not always a sign that the devices will really exist, as these may as well be prototypes that will never see the light of day. Apparently, Apple is already certifying components for the iPad 3, according to recent leaks and we’ve heard about a Retina Display being included on this new tablet.

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First Look at iPad 3… Or Something Like it!

There’s a tutorial now on the web, teaching you to how to build your own iPad 3 in a mere two weeks. Some dude in China created a device that he calls the iPad 3 and it’s the white slate you can see in the image below. The model was assembled by using parts from God knows what computers, so this is a DIY iPad.

The result was a Windows XP unit covered with apple stickers and bearing the name of iPad 3. This device looks pretty thick and in the Source link below you’ll find a video teaching you how to build your very own similar tablet. That’s not a bad device, I have to say and kudos to the guy behind the project. Hopefully someday we’ll all make our own computers and won’t need Apple to sell them overpriced.

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