2010: A year in review, November

Sexy hard drives, lots of Angry Birds and a sad day for photography in Kuwait
2010: A year in review, November

After the tsunami of gadgets that washed up on our pages over, well, the rest of the year really, November 2010 was quite a pleasant time to take a closer look at the few that were afforded a big launch that month - as well as some of the sillier news stories floating around.

On the serious side, it was a chance for the mini-Micro Four Thirds that is the Panasonic GF2 to star in one of our photo galleries along with the flagship BlackBerry Bold 9780 and the take two from HP/Palm in the form of the Pre 2. For those looking to burn money, Panasonic also brought out a ?65,000, 103-inch, 3D plasma TV and Harrods came up with a way to make the Galaxy Tab even more expensive than it already was by encrusting one in crystals. In fact, it might have been that that finally made Samsung, or its retailers, see sense as prices of the gadget, sans bling, were slashed to below ?500 for the first time.

Not quite on the shelves but soon soon to be in front rooms everywhere was the Virgin Media TiVo box that Pocket-lint managed to grab a sneak peak of and, finally, oh so very finally, Gran Turismo 5 actually came out. People bought it and played it and everything.

Elsewhere on the front pages, the hotly anticipated Microsoft Kinect touched down in the UK shifting units-a-plenty, Facebook revamped its Messages services into something more like e-mail and The Beatles arrived on iTunes to the largest single “meh” the world has ever seen.

Phones were on the agenda, as ever, when we caught some blurry snapshots of the next pure Android handset known as the Nexus S and trouble looked to be a-brewing for the enterprising chap on the web offering white iPhone conversions but that was nothing compared to the fate in store for anyone looking to use a DSLR in Kuwait. And last, but not least, November, as ever, was when we announced the short list for the Pocket-lint Gadget Award winners. Did you get one for Christmas?

As for that fun we promised, it was a good month for novelty HDDs with 56 years of Playboy available on one and the DeLorean from Back to the Future turned into another. Alan Partridge returned in Mid Morning Matters online courtesy of Fosters, Sir Clive Sinclair was also back with the new take on the C5 and the Queen even put herself up for a poke by joining Facebook.

Naturally, a month wouldn’t be a month without some bizarre litigation of one kind or another and November was all about Nintendo trying to copyright the phrase “on like Donkey Kong”. Good luck with that, and after we found the world’s largest panoramic photo, we were pretty much stuck for the rest of November trying to find our houses.

And, if we’re talking novelty, it was the month where Angry Birds fever really took a hold with cakes, iPhone holders and even a comedy sketch. Just as well we did an excellent series of interviews with HTC for a little balance.

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