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Nvidia Tegra 2 Adopted by Major Tablet Makers: Samsung, Toshiba, Asus, Acer and More

Tegra 2 is becoming slowly but surely everyone’s favorite solution for next-gen smartphones and tablets, with quite a large number of products being announced as based on this platform. The system-on-a-chip solution will be used on slates in 2011, bearing the Acer, Toshiba and Samsung branding and that’s only some of the companies working with [...]

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Asus EP90 Windows Embedded 7 Slate Coming in Early 2011; Based on Tegra 2

Word’s out that ASUS is preparing a new Tegra 2 slate, running Windows Embedded 7 and supposed to launch in March 2011. Dubbed the ASUS EP90, this device came up, as some Taiwanese sources found out that ASUS ordered 300.000 Tegra dual core ARM-base chips for the upcoming device. Digitimes also expects the unit to [...]

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eLocity A7 Slate Gets Tested by the FCC, We Learn the Details

The eLocity A7 tablet has just hit the FCC, for testing purposes and we take advantage of this opportunity, in order to learn more details about the device. Thus, we discover another Android 2.2-based slate, that will hit the market soon enough. The list of specs is available after the break. We’re dealing with Nvidia [...]

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Advent Vega Froyo Tablet With Tegra 2 on Board Gets Handled (Video)

Advent Vega was recently handled by SlashGear, who caught the device on camera in the video below, showcasing this Froyo slate’s features. This is Tegra 2 material, with a 10 inch capacitive display and a 249.99 pound price tag. A few weeks are left till its official launch in PC World stores internationally, so consider [...]

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Notion Ink Adam Reaches Production, New Pics and Video Unveiled (Video)

Notion Ink Adam is seen by many as the tablet to rule them all and every slate fan’s dream, but also as a very delayed product. Finally we have some solid info on the tablet, that has reached production status and to celebrate that we’ve got some pics to show you and a video. Said [...]

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ViewSonic Unveils 10 Inch G Tablet, Based on Android 2.2, NVIDIA Tegra 2

Aside from the other two tablets we showed you from back in the days of IFA 2010, ViewSonic also has a third interesting model, called the G Tablet. This one runs Android 2.2 and is based on NVIDIA Tegra 2. It looks pretty nice and you’ll find its specs and a hands on video after [...]

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