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Motorola Android 3.0 Tablet Teased on Video, Ready for CES 2011 (Video)

Motorola has just released a video called “Tablet Evolution”, once again making fun of the iPad and advertising their future mysterious tablet. Once again ancient tablets come into play and we’ve seen this fun mechanism being used for a while now. Also, we notice that Moto is using its new logo, pertaining to the Mobility [...]

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Android Honeycomb Makes Short Appearance on Prototype Motorola Tablet (Video)

Yesterday was not all about Android 2.3 Gingerbread, as Honeycomb also made a short cameo during the D: Dive Into Mobile event, running on a prototype Motorola tablet. Andy Rubin from Google was wielding the slate, that he carried together with a Nexus S in his bag and who knows what other future gizmos he [...]

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Sony Ericsson Tablet Dismissed by SE France CEO Pierre Perron

Sony Ericsson France CEO Pierre Perron recently spoke about the company’s future, focusing on the possible cooperation with Microsoft on a Windows Phone 7 device and a tablet bearing the XPERIA maker’s brand. Apparently, this company doesn’t want to follow Microsoft’s guidelines, which are strict and don’t leave much room for customization, as far as [...]

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MSI WindPad 110 Android 3.0 Tablet to Debut Before Windows Version of Same Device

MSI inside sources recently told the folks of DigiTimes that Android will have priority on the company’s upcoming product, the WindPad 100. This slate will also come in a Windows 7 version, that has been delayed for a while. While the WindPad 100 should have been released this Fall, we learn that it’s been postponed [...]

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Advent Vega Slate Won’t Support Android Market, Gingerbread Might Bring it Forth (Video)

Many tablets launched with Android over the past months have been plagued by the fact that they lack support for Android Market. Advent Vega is one of them and although this promising slate comes with Tegra 2 and has potential, the lack of apps will make it less appealing to the public. However, Android Market [...]

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Motorola MZ600 Android 3.0 to Debut in October, Surfaces in Verizon’s System

Discovering an item in Verizon Wireless’ inventory system is pretty much an unofficial confirmation of the product’s existence. This has recently happened to Motorola MZ600, the company’s supposed Android tablet, that should be arriving in October. Speculations claim it’ll rely on NVIDIA Tegra 2 and run Android 3.0 Gingerbread. We’re not sure that Gingerbread will [...]

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