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NVIDIA Dual-Core Blowout: 5 Androids, 10 Cores, 1 Contest [PART 5]

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Can you believe we’ve already given away FOUR Android devices in  4 weeks, all powered by NVIDIA’s lightning fast Tegra 2 Dual-Core processor? Time flies when you’re having dual-core fun and guess what? We’re not finished!

This week we’ve got a super sick collection of stuff to giveaway… but it’ll all go to one lucky winner.

First up we’ve got the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (the world’s thinnest tablet) which is powered by – you guessed it – an NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual Core Processor. In May we got our first look at the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and shortly after published our Galaxy Tab 10.1 review. It’s safe to say that Tegra definitely helps the Galaxy Tab 10.1 work wonders.

Our friends at NVIDIA didn’t stop there: while their Tegra processors help add visual perfection to the Galaxy Tab, they’ve sent us a JAMBOX by JAWBONE so that our winner has an equally awesome audio experience. The JAMBOX is ridiculously small but emits incredibly high quality sound that you can really crank up. The JAMBOX might have the best combination of size and sound quality on the planet.

So now you’ve got the Tegra powered Galaxy Tab 10.1 – the slimmest tablet on the planet with a stunning display. You’ve also got the JAMBOX – the smallest speaker with the best sound. Now all you need is some great content to use on your device. For that, NVIDIA is hooking you up with a $25 AMEX Gift Card for use in Tegra Zone.

If you’re not familiar with Tegra Zone, you’re probably missing out. Tegra Zone is NVIDIA’s special game store where the world’s top developers have optimized their games for Tegra devices like the Galaxy Tab. Familiar games like Fruit Ninja and some of my favorites – Backbreaker and Riptide – really shine in terms of performance and graphics.

Gaming is probably my FAVORITE use of tablets and as you probably know, NVIDIA has a long and history of taking gaming devices to the next level with their processors. Download some games from Tegra Zone and you’ll see exactly what I mean!

And now… for the contest nitty gritty!

This week we’re giving away:

  • The Tegra powered Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1!
  • $25 Gift Card for Tegra Zone Games!


  • If the Android Robot could have 1 super power, what would it be and why?
  • Answer the above question in the form of a comment on this post
  • We’ll select one clever/witty/funny comment as our winner
  • You may only enter ONCE
  • If there are a LOT of great entries and we can’t decide, we’ll give special consideration to folks who also tweet their entry to @nvidiategra and @phandroid
  • It won’t win any extra credit but we also suggest you Like NVIDIA on Facebook

Make sure your comment is tied to an account with an e-mail address or some way of getting in touch with you... otherwise we’ll have no way to contact you and will have to randomly select a different winner.

Will be notified on Monday, August 15th by E-Mail.

Stay tuned for more contests from Phandroid… we have some great things lined up!

Thanks for participating and we’re really excited to see what creative super powers and explanations you leave in the comments. Good luck and have fun!

Motorola Lightening Hour Contest Could Net You a Photon 4G

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Motorola has a new promotion starting today and running through the end of August. Each day via their Facebook and Twitter accounts a “Lightening Hour” will be announced along with instructions for a task to be completed within that time frame. The contest began today at 5PM, so you still have a few minutes to complete today’s task. Simply go watch a video on Moto’s Facebook page and fill in your info, and you could be one of 32 winners to score a the Photon 4G. If you miss today’s chance just check back tomorrow for another chance.

[via DroidLife]

NVIDIA Dual-Core Blowout: 5 Androids, 10 Cores, 1 Contest [PART 4]

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We’ve already given away 3 Android devices in our blowout contest, each rocking an NVIDIA dual-core processor, and this week is no different. But at the same time this week is VERY different. Take a blazing fast 1GHz dual-core Android Tablet, give it a keyboard accessory that virtually morphs it into an Android Laptop, put it in a box and ship to the winner and whaddaya got?

The ASUS EEE Pad Transformer. TegraZone on the Transformer? Yes please.

If you’re unfamiliar with TegraZone you should get acquainted, but you’ll need an NVIDIA powered Android Device as NVIDIA only offers the app for devices with their processors – it’s a VIP pass of sorts. It’ll give you access to some awesome games – some of which are ONLY available on TegraZone and ALL of which are optimized for the Tegra Dual-core experience, ensuring smoothly rendered animations, crystal clear graphics, lightning fast performance, improved battery life and more.

The Transformer itself is one of the more interesting hybrid Android devices and has (rightfully) received a ton of fanfare. In addition to rocking the NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, the Transformer runs Android 3.2, has 10.1-inch screen, 5MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, HDMI-out, MicroSD Slot, 2 USB ports, 2 3.5mm headset jacks and packs a whole lot of Android awesomeness.

Want to win it? Read on!

This week we’re giving away the ASUS EEE Pad Transformer!


  • The first person to find the secret phrase and post it in the comments of this article will win
  • The secret phrase is written on an image hidden in on only one page of Phandroid
  • What does the secret image look like? You’ll know it when you see it… it’s a picture of an Android Device with the word “Winner!” written in bright red with the secret phrase below it
  • Where is the image hidden? You’ve got to sift through the site to find it! If nobody wins today, we’ll post an article tomorrow with a hint, and continue to post a hint every day until someone finds and posts the secret phrase.

Make sure your comment is tied to an account with an e-mail address or some way of getting in touch with you... otherwise we’ll have no way to contact you and will have to randomly select a different winner.

Will be notified by E-Mail within 24 hours of identifying/posting the secret phrase

On Monday, August 9th we’ll be giving away one of the remaining Dual-Core Android Beasts. Which one? How can you win? Those questions will go unanswered until the 9th rolls around. For now, get searching for the hidden image and secret phrase!

Also… NVIDIA has promised to sweeten the pot with bonus prizes and maybe even more giveaways if we help them gain Twitter followers and Facebook Likers!