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CyanogenMod Team Brings Stock Android Experience To Sensation and Evo 3D

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If you’ve been praying and wishing that someone, somewhere would magically transform your Sensified HTC Sensation or Evo 3D into some good ‘ol plain, stock vanilla Android, well — your time is coming. Mr. Kmobs informed everyone via Twitter today that the CyanogenMod Team has been making good progress on the CM7 ROM build for the Sensation and Evo 3D and may have an alpha release build as early as tomorrow.

We’ve seen our share of teaser videos from the CM group for weeks now and it’s nice to know we wont have to wait much longer to see how (slightly modified) stock Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread runs on these 2 devices. Oh- and if you’re curious to see how 1080p video is coming along on the Sensation running CM7 check out the video below.

[Via Twitter]

Need a ROM For Your Sensation 4G? Try These [Forum Talk]

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Ah, indecision. It often happens to us ROM flashers. There are so many out there and it’s hard to find the perfect one for you. Some people may even be waiting on a ROM fro their favorite developer but have yet to see one (coughCYANOGENMODONEVO3Dcough).

Some of you Sensation users probably want to get the most of your phones after getting full root a while ago, though. member lucas.childers has put together a nice starter list of ROMs every flasher should try. He even gives descriptions for each one so you’re not running in blindly.

Don’t stop there, though – be sure to explore the All Things Root subsection and explore XDA for more. Let us know if you have any Sensation 4G ROM suggestions in the comments section below! []

Are Your HTC Sensation and EVO 3D Watching You?

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Privacy concerns have been a hot topic as of late. Whether it’s Google, Apple or Verizon, consumers and our government is cracking down on what kind of information our smartphones are sharing without our consent. Now, it’s time to turn our attention to HTC who may have added a little something “extra” with the latest Gingerbread OTA that was recently rolled out to the Sensation and Evo 3D.

Apparently, a common Sense system app called CIQ added a brand new feature with the latest OTA called “User Behavior Logging.” According to TrevE on XDA who discovered this new function, the sneaky little app is recording your every move. Everything from logging your installed apps, to the amount of time spent on each app, every open intent and even the dreaded location information, among other data. The CIQ app isn’t the only guilty party either. There are hidden “features” in the framework as well, logging some of this info as well. The gathered information is sent to the cloud where HTC or some other company uses it for their purposes. Here’s some of the code being sent:

1 = ("", "feedback_usageOpt")
2 = ("", "user_action")
3 = ("", "contact_type")
4 = ("", "group_info")
5 = ("", "message_send")
6 = ("", "message_receive")
7 = ("", "message_count")
8 = ("", "user_action")
9 = ("", "settings_quietRing")
10 = ("", "settings_pocketMode")
11 = ("", "settings_flipForSpeaker")
12 = ("", "edit_b4_call")
13 = ("com.futuredial", "transfer_data")
14 = ("", "storage")
15 = ("", "press_duration")
16 = ("", "UDB_words")
17 = ("", "special_correction")
18 = ("", "WCL_cnt")
19 = ("", "duration_SIP")
20 = ("", "lang_key")
21 = ("", "voice_key")
22 = ("", "set_CIME")
23 = ("", "duration_SIP")
24 = ("", "user_action")
25 = ("", "waiting_time")
26 = ("", "fuzzy_pinYin")
27 = ("", "is_sysTimeChanged")
28 = ("", "feedback_usageOpt")
29 = ("", "mail_count")
30 = ("", "update_schedule")
31 = ("", "default_mailsize")
32 = ("", "widget_clickcount")
33 = ("", "EAS_success")
34 = ("", "layout")
35 = ("", "scene")
36 = ("", "user_action")
37 = ("", "app_launch")
38 = ("", "leap_view")
39 = ("", "skin_picker")
40 = ("", "storage")
41 = ("device_status", "battery")
42 = ("device_status", "battery_low")
43 = ("device_status", "bluetooth")
44 = ("download_manager", "download")
45 = ("system_server", "application_launch")
46 = ("system_server", "activity_launch_history")
47 = ("system_server", "MRU_click")
48 = ("system_server", "activity_tabCount")
49 = ("system_server", "tab_index")
50 = ("system_server", "app_uninstalled")
51 = ("system_server", "launcher_downloaded")

Before you get up in arms over this invasion of privacy, according to HTC, you agreed to this. Simply jump into your device Settings > About Phone > Legal > HTC Legal. If you’re the paranoid type (or simply value your privacy) TrevE and Team Synergy have successfully managed to remove the app and code from the framework and provided a ROMs sans spyware. Unfortunately, ROM flashing and the removing of system apps is only for rooted users. What do you guys think of this? No big deal or (Ricky Ricardo voice) does HTC have some ‘splaining to do?

[Via XDA and InfectedROM]

More HTC Sensation Devices Added to Official Bootloader Unlock Support List

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The initial list of devices supported by HTC for an official way to unlock their bootloaders was small, but they have since been working to add more. The most recent update sees no new phone models, but we do get support for HTC Sensation units in other regions and on other carriers. We’ve got T-Mobile getting in on the fun as well as Turkish and Arabic units. We also have French carrier Boygues Telecom’s version on the list. If any of you have devices that fit the bill here and don’t want to use community-brewed methods, get on over to HTC’s site now (note: this may void your warranty). [HTCDev, Thanks Jack!]

HTC Sensation Android 2.3.4 OTA Update Rolling Out NOW

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It’s like Christmas in August! Hot on the heels of the Evo 3D’s Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread update, HTC Sensation 4G owners now have something to get excited about. Seems HTC is on top of it today and is issuing an update for the Sensation as well, that will bring the device up to Android 2.3.4 just like its Evo 3D cousin. You will find a slew of bug fixes and improvements and here are a few them as listed by T-Mobile today:

New Features

    • Software stability
    • Improved battery life


    • Improvements to Trace dictionary
    • Improvements to screen responsiveness
    • Improvements to video playback
    • Improvements  regarding device reboot / power off
    • Improvements to icon  pixilation
    • Improvements to Wi-Fi connection
    • Improvements to screen/photo resolution

Manually Check For Software Update

You may check your phone settings to see if it has received the  software update. To check for updates, follow these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
  2. Touch About phone.
  3. Touch HTC software updates.
  4. Touch Check.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  6. Wait as your phone restarts and updates to Android 2.3.4 / software version 1.45.531.1.

[Via TMoNews]

[Deal Alert] Get the HTC Sensation 4G for $130 at Target Starting August 14

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Target will be running a sale on T-Mobile’s HTC Sensation 4G starting this Sunday, August 14th, according to the above shot of an in-store promotional display.The handset will retail for $129.99 on a new two-year contract, a savings of $70 from the phone’s normal $199 price tag. If you have been searching for a dual-core Android handset, you can’t go wrong with the Sensation — it’s basically an EVO 3D minus the glasses-free 3D gimmick. This is a great opportunity to get the handset at a great price.

[Thanks, quartz!]

HTC Sensation Users: Are You Having Touchscreen Issues?

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We received a tip a few days ago of how some HTC Sensation users are reporting some really strange touchscreen issues with their devices. Apparently, the device becomes unresponsive, unable to register quick button presses and swipes. Sometimes, it wont register touch input at all. You can imagine how frustrating this could be when trying to send off a quick text message or pick up someone’s call, let alone in an emergency situation.

Although we’re unsure of how widespread the problem is, I can tell you I’ve experienced this “unresponsive touch screen issue” first hand after messing around with my brother’s Sensation 4G. According to one of our readers, they’ve spoken directly with T-Mobile customer who is well aware of the issue and currently waiting to hear back from HTC. Using the power of Google, I’ve found more than a few Sensation owners on XDA experiencing the same problems with their devices and even one of the guys over at Android Police who recorded this video demonstrating the issue:

With no fix or workaround in sight (factory resets and hardware replacements failed to solve anything), many are left wondering if this is a hardware defect or something more along the lines of software? General consensus seems to go more along the lines of software and it actually brings to memory the same issue Sense ROMs were having on the G1 back in my day. It was 100% a software issue back then, which leads me to believe the same about the Sensation today. If that’s the case, a simple OTA update from HTC should be able to fix this annoying bug. Seeing how the Sensation is considered to be HTC’s newest flagship phone, let’s hope it’s a speedy update. You guys experiencing any touchscreen issues with your Sensations?

Thanks, Rob!

Target to Offer HTC Sensation for $130 August 14th

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If you’re waiting on a decent deal from one of your local retailers on an HTC Sensation Target may soon have the goods you’re looking for. A tipster of ours has stumbled across planogram materials for a deal on the HTC Sensation for $130. If all goes as planned, you should be able to grab one for $130 on-contract starting August 14th. We’re not exactly sure how long the deal will last, but that’s all the more reason for you to jump on it ASAP when it does happen. [Thanks ______!]

Sexify Your HTC Evo 3D/Sensation With AmazingSense Skin – No Root Required

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I’m always checking the “Get More” section of Sense 3.0 looking for the newest themes but I’m always left sad and disappointed at the lack of new themes available for my Evo 3D. Thankfully, a developer by the name of CypiS on XDA made a sharp and beautiful theme called Amazing Sense. Usually, themes are reserved for rooted users only, so I was ecstatic to see that AmazingSense is fully compatible with ROMs as well as stock Sense 3.0 devices (like the Evo 3D or Sensation 4G). The theme uses HTC’s built in Skin engine and directions for applying are easy peasy:

  1. Make sure “Unknown Sources” is allowed (Settings > Applications).
  2. Download and install AmazingSense apk by CypiS
  3. Press Menu on homescreen, select Personalize, choose Skin, scroll to AmazingSense and apply.
  4. Reboot – (If you don’t, the theme may come out wonky)
  5. Enjoy!

I’ve found the free Nexus S Live Wallpaper in the Market really adds the finishing touches on this glassy, minimalist theme quite nicely. Hope you guys like the theme!

[Via XDA]

HTC Kernel Source Galore Today (Both EVOs, Incredible 2, Sensation 4G, and Facebook Phones)

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Looks like that huge campaign against HTC regarding unreleased kernel source worked – a lot of goods just popped up on their developer site today. We have the EVO 3D, HTC Sensation 4G, the HTC EVO 4G’s Gingerbread update and the DROID Incredible 2′s Gingerbread update. The HTC ChaCha and Salsa have also received some kernel source love. Head over to HTC’s site to dig in. Oh, and with the belief that we’re possibly just hours away from S-Off for the Sensation 4G and EVO 3D, this couldn’t be more perfect in terms of timing.