First Generation iPads Getting Sold, Making Room for iPad 2 Units

People who own first generation iPads are selling their devices these days, according to Gazelle, an online gadget buyer. This company bought over 2,000 used iPads in only one hour after the iPad 2 was announced. They also purchased 1,200 iPhones in the first day after the iPhone 4 announcement last year.

It seems the new iPad is very appealing, even to the owners of the first Apple tablet, making them want to upgrade. Gazelle usually deals with purchases of used gadgets, requiring users to answer a few questions on the site about the product’s status and about what’s in the package (cables, charger etc).

Considering the recent avalanche of iPad sales toward Gazelle, they are now paying $300 for a 16GB WiFi iPad and an estimation of price for a 64GB WiFi + 3G unit makes it worth $510.

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