iPad 2 Shipments to Reach 10 to 12 Million Units in Q2 2011?

Apple’s Taiwanese suppliers recently mentioned that the production of iPad 2 units will reach 3 million units in Q1 of this year and then explode into 10-12 million units in Q2. DigiTimes is the one with the scoop, also quoting suppliers saying that iPad 2 shipments could reach 2-3 million units in March alone.

The reported numbers will only be reached if Apple was cautious enough to take down the production of the first iPad and focus on the manufacturing of iPad 2 models. Apple’s target for this year is producing 40 million iPads, which is not at all impossible to reach, considering the promise that the new generation of slates holds.

Shipment ratio should be 4:6 for the first and second half of the year, so we could expect the iPad 2 to ship incredible volume in H2, It will maybe reach 21.5 – 25 million units, but these are all speculations and predictions now. Wall Street analysts are more reserved, with a prediction of 30 million iPads sold in 2011.

Will 2011 be “the year of the iPad 2″, as Steve Jobs said?

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