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LG Tablet Pictured in Korean Pop Video? (Video)

LG is going to announce a tablet based on Android 3.0, that’s for sure, but who says that the G-Slate is the only product out there? We’ve recently found a video featuring the device or maybe a relative of the product. The LG slate appeared in the Korean Pop star video “What Can I Do”, [...]

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LG G-Slate Tablet Goes Through the FCC as LG V900, Coming to T-Mobile

LG has been very mysterious about its G-Slate Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet and nothing much was revealed during CES 2011, but now here’s the device passing the FCC as the LG V900 model. The product will be reaching T-Mobile soon and its specs remain a mystery… Aside from possible 4G connectivity, a dual-core CPU, Android [...]

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LG Tablet Passes the FCC Testing Phase

The FCC recently cleared the testing phase of an LG portable computer, apparently a tablet, if we’re to believe the leaked paperwork. Very little info is available right now, but surprisingly enough we have the following picture, surfaced courtesy of Wireless Goodness. The tablet is dubbed H1000B, just like in the paperwork. It appears that [...]

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LG Waiting for Android 3.0 to Deliver its Tablet

You must’ve have heard that LG first attempt at conquering the tablet market was delayed a bit, possibly because of the wait for Android 3.0 Gingerbread. At least so claims Yonhap News Agency from Korea. A while ago, Android 2.2 was deemed unfit for tablet experience by Google itself, so waiting for the platform’s next [...]

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LG Cans Android 2.2 Tablet Plans

LG Electronics has just announced that it has given up on its Android 2.2 tablet plans, according to Reuters. This means that we’ll have to wait a bit more for LG’s first slate, although the company claimed we’ll see such a device launched in the next quarter. The news is even worse if you consider [...]

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LG Tablet Partially Confirmed by Company’s Official (Video)

During today’s digital interactive conference hosted by LG in Seoul, the company launched the Optimus One and Optimus Chic smartphones and organized an interesting Q&A sessions. Inevitably the LG Tablet topic came up and Mr. Skott Ahn had to discuss this matter. Apparently, LG is working on a slate, one that’s more than a larger [...]

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