AMD Entering Tablet Market Through Desna Chips? Leaked Roadmap Provides Details

AMD could enter the tablet market and this is by no means new, but now we have some extra details, courtesy of the company’s leaked roadmap. As Computex approaches, we’re expecting some announcements, that could also include AMD Desna, codename for the HD Tablet platform being developed by the company.

Right now, AMD has C-30 and C-50 chips meant for the notebook market, with a Radeon graphics core that’s able to process 3D graphics acceleration and do 1080p playback. The new chip that interests us is the Fusion Z-Series aka AMD Desna, that will support DirectX 11 graphics, Adobe Flash Player video acceleration and HD video streaming.

Acceleration for IE 9, Microsoft Office 10 and Win 7 effects are also in the books. It seems that AMD is gunning to be Microsoft’s partner when they launch tablets, but there’s always the Intel Atom Oak Trail alternative to go with… Desna will have to consume much less power to appeal to Microsoft and its partners. Will it deliver?

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