VIDEO: RIM shows PlayBook for business too

Shows pairing with BlackBerry Torch
VIDEO: RIM shows PlayBook for business too

Research in Motion has posted a video to YouTube showing how the new PlayBook tablet will talk to BlackBerry smartphones; an indication that the device is not all about watching videos or surfing the web.

The new video features a PlayBook and BlackBerry Torch and shows how users, once the two are connected, can easily pair the two devices together and access the smartphone's email.

Included in the video above is a brief demo of email pairing with your BlackBerry smartphone via BlackBerry Bridge, multi-tasking, viewing Microsoft Office documents, and secure access to business applications such as Flash-enabled dashboards from SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.

Users, for example, will be able to open an email on the PlayBook and have that email automatically labelled as read on the smartphone. Likewise the same will work when you delete emails or add attachments for emailing later.

Pocket-lint played extensively with these new features at CES, when we had a chance to spend some time with the new PlayBook ahead of the official UK launch.

We had the chance to play with a bridged device too, just like the video, with the PlayBook connected via?secure?Bluetooth to a?BlackBerry Torch.

When bridged, a "BlackBerry" tab appears in menu, offering access to services on the handheld device. RIM was keen to push the term "bridging" over "tethering" as?essentially?you're partnering the device rather than just borrowing the data connection.

We tried some calendar updates to find that they instantly updated in the PlayBook. The calendar is another good example of how this bridged?partnership?works. The PlayBook won't run off and sync with your cloud calendar services, but will pick up anything from your BlackBerry handset.

In this scenario you could be syncing wirelessly with Exchange or Google calendars and you'll then have complete access on both devices. Effectively it means you only need to sync once, which does have some advantages when it comes to conflict avoidance.

Read more about what we had to say in our First Look: BlackBerry PlayBook review.

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