What we’re trying to do with this blog is focus primarily on upcoming Android based tablet devices (also known as Slate devices!). There will be news, reviews and lots of hints and tips for both tablet and mobile Android devices. And in conjunction with our partner Europa Tablets we’ll be giving you the chance to get your hands on the very latest devices that the Far East has to offer! Look out for special discount codes!!

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  15. Hi, Just bought a 7″ tablet on-line and was wondering if someone can explain the different versions of code that it runs.
    I have firmware 1.6, kernel v 2.629, Build number 2.0.2
    Which one is the Android Version number?

    I have heard you cannot upgrade these tablets to later versions. Is that true?

  16. 1.6 is the Android version number Victor. Some of these cheap tablets can be upgraded. Head over to http://www.slatedroid.com/forum.php for more info about your device.

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