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Acer Mocks Apple for iPad Flaws in Computex Stairway Ad

Acer was one of the most important presences during last week’s Computex show in Taiwan and they took advantage of the event to mock Apple a bit. The company used a stairway ad that’s pictured below to emphasize the functions that the iPad lacks and the Iconia Tab A500 has.

The people at the metro saw the two part ad on both sides of the staircase. One of the sides asked in Chinese why people would choose an iPad, considering it lacks an open OS, high res display, Dolby surround audio and Flash support. On the other side of the set of stairs, you could see these exact features advertised on the Iconia Tab.

Well, these functions didn’t exactly help the Motorola Xoom, did they? However, companies like Acer and ASUS have a better chance of making it, taking advantage of low price points, Honeycomb and the experience of the failed Xoom.

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Intel Oak Trail Tablet Runs Honeycomb, Demoed at Computex 2011

Computex 2011 included an impressive number of tablets, among which there were quite Android models with Intel Oak Trail CPUs. One of them is the device pictured below and you have to know that right now devices made by Compal as prototypes are in very early stages of development, so you can’t pick on them.

These prototypes run unoptimized versions of Android, that make the Caffeine Javascript tests run 4 time slower than on the Oak Trail processor than on the Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core unit. This is not a promising perspective for Intel and we sure hope their products will evolve faster, since their rivals based on ARM technology have already entered Microsoft’s heart and will also deliver Windows 8 into the slate segment.

It remains to be seen whether or not Intel’s CPUs do well on battery life, considering how efficient the modern ARM processors are, while the Intel x86 products… well, not that much. However, before we criticize, let’s wait for the final product to appear, based on the Oak Trail CPU.

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Computex 2011: ICE Computer Shows Modular Tablet Trinity, That You can Stick Your iPhone Into (Video)

There’s something in the air, with so many modular tablets… and all of them at Computex?! First there was the ASUS Padfone, followed by the CMIT TransPhone and there’s now a trio, thanks to the ICE Computer product shown below. This is a mere modular tablet concept, but one that can even fit an iPhone inside, as shown below.

ICE Computer is a Taiwanese startup, in partnership with ECS, who also contributed to the Trinity slate. You can also slide a PC module or phone of the brand you like into this device and you’ll get a touchscreen tablet with an upgradable set of specs. ICE may also include USB 3.0 ports, extra storage and maybe even a fan, but everything as the customer wants it.

Q1 2012 is when we’ll be seeing such wonders on the market. Here’s a hands on with the concept:

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Computex 2011: ECS Showcases Android Color E-Book Reader

Taking part in local Taiwan-based show Computex 2011, the company ECS unveiled a new Color e-book reader known as the EB-850R. The product packs an 8 inch 800 x 600 pixel display, which is a resistive touchscreen.

Under the hood there’s a Wondermedia 8650 CPU, plus 256MM or 512MB of RAM and internal storage from 2 to 32GB, depending on the options you choose. The New e-reader comes with a microSDHC card reader, WiFi B/G/N, optional 2G/3G and runs on Android 2.2 Froyo. It can read many formats, among which there’s ePUB, PDF, TXT, CHM and RTF.

The product also supports picture viewing and audio file playback.

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Acer Iconia M500 MeeGo Tablet Runs on an Atom CPU (Video)

Computex 2011 also welcomed some Acer products, like the Iconia M500 MeeGo tablet and the very first Windows Phone Mango device dubbed W4. The model you see below is the Acer Iconia M500, the first in the company’s fresh M Series and running MeeGo due to an Intel Atom Moorestown processor.

The design is very similar to the one of the Acer Iconia A500 Android tablet and even the resolution is the same: 1280 x 800. The UI adopted by the new slate is a custom Acer skin, described as a “snackable UI”, that’s based on an Acer circle of live widgets. This 10 inch device should be coming towards the year end, so no trace of final specifications or price just yet.

Well, at least we have the hand on below:


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Computex 2011: MSI WindPad 100A, 110W and 120W Get Handled in Taiwan (Video)

MSI WindPad 100A is a tablet model spotted back in the days of CES 2011, while the WindPad 110W is a MSI device that was showcased at CeBIT. They’re both present in Taipei, as part of the Computex 2011 event, on the MSI floor. There’s also a newcomer, the MSI WindPad 120W.

While the WindPad 100A is a 10 inch Tegra 2 dual core tablet with Gingerbread now and Honeycomb, the 120W packs the same chassis, display diagonal, but opts for the surprising Intel Cedar Trail, instead of the AMD Fusion APU. WiDi and HSPA wireless are also o board of this newcomer, that interested us more than the other MSI products.

No availability or pricing for it, but at least we’ve got the hands on below:


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Computex 2011: Intel Oak Trail Honeycomb Tablets Showcased (Video)

With ARM and Android making waves in the mobile device segment, Intel surely wants to have a say on this market. OK, so maybe Nokia has been slowing them down, but that’s no reason to not get to business ASAP, right? Computex 2011 is the perfect time to showcase some Oak Trail Honeycomb slates, like the ones below.

What you see here are prototypes, with 10 inch displays and the models in the image above are the Intel Green Ridge, Foxconn F150, Quanta QXZI, a mystery Compal device without a name, Intel Marco Polo 2 and Intel Carrot. The chipmaker didn’t provide the names of ODMs behind this references designs, so it’s all guessing games.

The Foxcoxnn slate si based on Gingerbread, while the others are all Honeycomb 3.0.1 material, luckily. However, as shown in the video below, these prototypes don’t quite handle Android 3.0 as they should, struggling with the loading animation. Android Market is also missing from them , but Intel is sure it’ll be present in the final versions. Build quality is also far from impressive, but this is a trade show after all…

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Computex 2011: ASUS Eee Pad Slider Touched and Felt (Video)

Computex 2011 is an opportunity to not only check out the latest of tablets, but also get some hands on quality time with some tablets that we already knew of. Among them we can see the ASUS Eee Pad Slider, announced earlier this year. The product has yet to be available internationally, although it should be coming this summer.

The device packs a 10.1 inch LED Backlight IPS multitouch screen, with a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, Gorilla Glass protection and Android 3.0 Honeycomb as the OS. The core of the unit is a Tegra 2 CPU and you get 16/32GB of memory, if you’re wondering about storage.

Also dubbed SL101, the Eee Pad Slider got praises for its build quality, at least from the guys at Akihabara News. This is considered a multipurpose tablet, with a comfortable keyboard and a better choice even when compared to the Eee Pad Transformer, according to the people who tested the device.

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Computex 2011: Shuttle Introduces Three Android Tablets

Shuttle just introduced three new tablets at Computex 2011, all of them based on Android. There’s a 10 inch WXGA model called N10CN1, a 9 inch XGA one called N09CN01 and an 8 inch SVGA unit dubbed V08CT01. The first two rely on Nvidia’s Tegra 2 dual core processor, plus 1GB of RAM.

The smaller unit is a rugged slate for education and comes with a 800 MHz TI Cortex A8 single core CPU and 512MB of RAM. These are all Froyo models in prototype phase, so there’s no pricing and launch date for these units yet. The N10 model supports Bluetooth tethering, while the V08 series comes with anti-shock and anti-vibration features.

Let’s see what else is in store at Computex 2011 this week.

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Computex 2011: MSI Enjoy 7 and Enjoy 10 Gingerbread Slates Shown In Action (Video)

MSI is another one of the big brands present at Computex 2011, showcasing some budget tablets, among others. We’re talking about the MSI WindPad Enjoy 10 and the WindPad 7, both priced below $300. These models run Gingerbread and we sure hope they’re scheduled for a Honeycomb update.

WindPad Enjoy 10 comes with a 10 inch display with a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, 4GB of internal memory and 512MB of RAM. The price for this product is $299 and its core is a 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A8 single core CPU, supposedly able to play 1080p video. Dual 2MP cameras are also on board.

The smaller unit, Enjoy 7 packs a 7 inch display with a 800 x 480 pixel resolution and much the same specs as the bigger slate. The price point of this device is supposed to be even lower and we’re to expect mass production of both models in July. The States will get these devices in July or soon after.

Keep in mind that these Windpads aren’t licensed to access Android Market, but MSI promised a workaround for that. Here’s the hands-on:


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