Android Running on 6 Million Tablets Worldwide, Says Rubin

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Andy Rubin has been rather chatty during his visit to the AsiaD conference. The latest tidbit to come from his mouth gives us an idea of just how many Android tablets are running around in the wild. The figure? Six million. Looking back to last week, develop Al Sutton crunched numbers from Google’s earnings call and Android platform breakdown to estimate some 3.4 million Honeycomb tablets on the streets. Taking Rubin’s figure and Sutton’s estimates, we can conclude that Honeycomb can be found on half of the Android tablet out there. Of course, Sutton’s figures are only estimates and not official data.

Rubin’s number likely includes the combined body of Android tablets — those running Honeycomb and those running older versions of the OS. Ice Cream Sandwich has as one of its main goals the elimination of the divide between smartphone and tablet. Will the reworked OS translate to higher tablet sales? It’s way too early to make that call.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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