eLocity A7 Slate Gets Tested by the FCC, We Learn the Details

The eLocity A7 tablet has just hit the FCC, for testing purposes and we take advantage of this opportunity, in order to learn more details about the device. Thus, we discover another Android 2.2-based slate, that will hit the market soon enough. The list of specs is available after the break.

We’re dealing with Nvidia Tegra 2 on a device that will be sold by Stream TV Networks, from Philadelphia. Here’s what the eLocity A7 is all about:

CPU: Nvidia Tegra 2 processor
Memory: 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage
Camera: 1.3MP camera
Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth
Display: 4.8 inch touchscreen

The slate also supports 1080p output thanks to a HDMI connection and we now know it’ll be sold by Amazon and it’s up for pre-order right now for $370.

[via ubergizmo]

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