LG G-Slate and Dell Streak 7 Release Dates Revealed on T-Mobile

T-Mo News has the scoop on some very interesting devices’ launch dates: LG G-Slate and Dell Streak 7. These slates are some of the most awaited products of the upcoming months and they’re both based on Android, although the first is all about Honeycomb, while the second might run Android 2.2 or even 2.3.

Streak 7 should be available on February 2 for $299.99 after rebate, while the G-Slate can become yours on T-Mobile on March 23rd. Dell Streak 7 is promoted as the first T-Mobile 4G tablet, although we’re pretty sure their 4G in fact means HSPA+. Well, there’s always the Motorola XOOM to purchase, with its LTE 4G support.

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