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KDDI Shows Off Tablet Prototype With Back Touch Interface (Video)

We’ve heard about using the back side of a tablet or handset as a touch area for input a while ago and some even claimed that the iPhone 4 was going to come out with this feature, before it was released. We’ve yet to see a mechanism like this, although Motorola is pretty close with [...]

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Fujitsu Windows 7 Tablet Concepts Shown at CEATEC 2010

Fujitsu didn’t only bring a dual touchscreen handset at CEATEC 2010, but also a couple of prototype Windows 7 tablets, shown below. These mockups are yet unnamed, basically the devices are not even there, so what you see are Windows desktop stickers glued to plastic slabs. As far as the features are concerned, speculations claim [...]

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Toshiba Showcases Prototype Android Tablet at CEATEC 2010

While everyone was playing with the Fujitsu dual touchscreen phone prototype, there was an item that was missed by many journalists: a Toshiba tablet prototype running Android. This unit was used to promote the Toshiba Book-Place service for the Japanese market. Although Toshiba has its lips sealed on this matter, Akihabara News speculates that the [...]

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Sharp Galapagos Tablets Showcased at CEATEC 2010

Sharp brought its iPad-rivaling Galapagos tablets at this week’s CEATEC 2010 show. You can see the devices below, with the 5.5 inch flavor being on the left side of the image, while the bigger 10.8 inch version is found on the right side. Similar to the iPad, these devices run Android in an unknown version. [...]

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Toshiba Announces Tablet Plans at CEATEC 2010

CEATEC 2010 is this week’s main tech event, revealing tablet prototypes and interesting new smartphone concepts. Also, Toshiba took advantage of the special occasion to announce tablet-related plans. Their slate will debut in US, Japan and other countries early next year, according to a Toshiba engineer. The product will have to rival with Samsung’s slate(s), [...]

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