Kinpad I600 7 Inch Android Slate Gets Detailed on Camera (Video)

Yet another Android tablet is coming out of China, this time the Kinpad 7 inch Android 2.2 model. Going for $399, the device can make and receive phone calls and even texts, which is a pretty appealing feat. An 800MHz Freescale CPU, AMD graphics and 3G support round up the specifications list.

Kinpad I600 is shown in action in the video below, complete with browsing experience and benchmark tests. The Freescale CPU performs pretty well, supporting 1080p playback (H.264). A larger selection of ports would have been welcome on this tablet, that supports multitouch input, GPS and comes with dual cameras. Units will be in stock starting this month.

A big plus is the support for Android Market, unlike some other slates based on this OS.

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